Wednesday, October 17

Aye aye aye

Went to Festi, Langham and Temple Street today with Astha :) and we bought a bunch of cheap stuff! Ahh the satisfaction. We ran into Dinka in Festi this afternoon. God I've just realized how much I missed talking to him. He just gives me the weirdest-straight-to-the-point advices ever. It was nice catching up for a bit :)

Mmm seriously I should probably stop buying things. The moment I think about how I have to move all of my stuff back to Malaysia, I just get a huge headache. It's all the stuff that I want/use. UGH. I probably need a lot of boxes.. my clothes, my books, my cds, my hairbands, my makeup, my electronics and my bags! UGH. Mm I don't know why I'm thinking about it right now but honestly, I just want to die when I think about leaving something behind. Oh not to mention the few teddy I bring with me everywhere! *sigh* I have heaps load of stuff back in AS as well. I've always been saddened by the thought of my stuff back at home and now thinking about leaving anything behind just really makes me frustrated and plain grim. UGH I want all my stuff with me at all times!

Ahh be right back readers, I'm off to drink my soup :)

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