Wednesday, October 31

Blink blink

Bought a pair of purple velvet sandals for Astha! I was tempted to get a pair as well but sadly (the usual), they didn't have my size. Anyway.. I WANT TO GO SHOPPING AGAIN. IT MAKES ME FEEL ACCOMPLISHED AND HAPPY. Oh and I found a new game to play with so yes, I am no longer bored. It's called SongPop and it's available in Facebook. It's really cool :) mm I might go out again tomorrow. I need to go get some hair care and styling products. Oh and I need to buy some makeup. I actually ran out of some few stuff :P (more like I ruined it but it was sorta almost finished anyway, whatevs). Ate at Madam Kwan's today :D I ate like a crazy starving person! But hey, I had like a slice of toast for breakfast only and lunch was like 2-ish. And I ate 5 bites for dinner. Oh well.. it's better to keep my weight in check. I so do not want to feel bad about eating so much so yea..balancing it out through, mindlessly eating on one meal and superbly little on the others. Yeah I know it's wrong but.. what can I do? I'm so afraid of gaining weight. I freaked out when I stepped on the scale a few days back and found out I gained 0.4lbs. Yes I know it's nothing but HELLO IT'S STILL AN INCREASE!! HELL TO THE NO TO EXTRA POUNDS!

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