Friday, October 19

The Art of Breathing

Frustration took over me today as I began to pack. I don't know what was labeled "appropriate" for my one month stay in Malaysia. It made me mad for awhile and then I just don't feel like packing anymore. I couldn't bring any of my usual stuff..seeing how everything shows "too much skin". Damn it. I guess I just have to opt for simplicity and well, simplicity in clothing. And let's throw that in with a lot of accessories just to brighten up my day :)

I've packed nearly most of my accessories, 2 pair of flats, perfumes, heaps of makeup and toiletries with me and with that, I've only filled half of my luggage. I'm honestly living with such little clothes packed that I'm mildly unsure if I'm even packing right. Ugh, packing have always been easy..just not this time. I've even included a book and all my chargers..there's still so much space in it. That's honestly freaking me out. I guess I could even bring all my curlers and flat irons and crimpers with me if I wanted and I'd still be fine. *sigh*

Since I'm practically living on house arrest as I get back to Malaysia, I'm planning on doing a lot of drawing..and maybe painting (besides the driving lessons). Oh that's right, I would love to pack my art stuff with me (yep, I would definitely do that tomorrow). I need to get a new sketch book then :) and.. here comes the hard part; I need to find my muse. I need something new. I hope I'd find another muse. Maybe I'd venture in still life or continue on my surrealism drawings. Or I'd doodle and doodle.. either way, I will draw. I promise I will.

And then I hope I'd find myself again.

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