Sunday, October 28


Has it ever hurt you as it did me? I wish I had the ability to forget unpleasant memories and people. They haunt me, all the time. I want to know the secret to forgetting and ignoring everything around you. Life would be so much easier, wouldn't it? How do people manage to do so? I'm tired of repetitively letting my mind wander to certain thoughts. And I'm sure as hell you guys are tired of reading about it too. My feelings are hurt. I don't know what to do about it. And nothing ever seems to alright anymore. The moment you think everything's going fine, some incredible, mind blowing stuff pops out and you'd have to go through hell all over again. Some people just have it so easy yet they don't see how well things work out for them. To make matters worse, they complain to you. You; the one who's jealous of them. You; the one who wishes they have what they're complaining of. If it was material things then fuck it, but I'm talking about things that cannot be bought. Things that are.. priceless in comparison.

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