Monday, November 26


Complicated ties; I don't know what's right or what's wrong. I'm pretty sure I'm doing things recklessly. I'm so torn on the inside. I wish you knew just how much. You keep doing this to me. Telling me off when things are okay. Crushing on my hopes every time I have some. I don't know what to say anymore. You won't believe in anything. As if I've lied about everything I've ever said. And that hurts me so much. I won't bother telling you how many times I've cried. I'm trying to think straight. I wanna be okay.

I think about you so much and I'm sure I've hoped for too much. That's why I'm so upset. I've tried, I really did. But you just kept treating me colder. Drawing more distance. I wish someday, not now even, but someday, you'll finally believe how much I've tried. I'm so tired. I've put up with everything, willingly. My feelings remains, yours..has changed.

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