Saturday, November 24

Updates for the day

Got so freaking busy these two days! Let's start with yesterday.. I was in Festi since 11AM and then I went to cultural fair at 5ish. Had the chance to talk to so many teachers and people :) Went for dinner & drinks afterwards with the guys, and got home at 11:30ish. And then we have today.. woke up early for breakfast and whatnot, had to settle stuff with the bank, went grocery shopping, went to Hong Kong Sanatorium Hospital in Happy Valley for meds, walked around in Causeway Bay waiting for le driver to pick up, headed to Gold Coast to attend a company event and then I went to the airport! Talk about teleporting ugh. And the traffic in Wan Chai was super bad. Got stuck for about 40minutes! *breathes* Gotta go to the airport again cause my aunt's flight is at 01:45AM LOL.

Have been sleeping late lately. Me wants sleep, me needs sleep :(

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