Friday, November 30

Dippy bobby

LOL I totally just googled what everyone's been fussing about over here in HK. It's apparently the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA 2012). And to think that I was actually offered tickets to attend! Well naturally I didn't go cause it's the asian music awards.. (Pardon, but I'm really not into asian music at all!) OFFER ME TICKETS TO THE AMAs, MTV MUSIC AWARDS OR THE TEEN CHOICE AWARDS AND I'LL JUST FLUNG MYSELF AT IT!

..and I'm gonna go for casting next Saturday. Let's see how that works out LOL. I was offered to try out for something and well my mom said I should try so hey, why not :) the filming industries have always fascinated me. Heehee and the connections, the people my family knows *thumbs up* has been a great experience :D

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