Friday, December 7

Perks of a banana

Mmhmm I started painting my surrealism piece yesterday. Got the top, bottom and a little bit of the main object done. Plus I totally just woke up form my 1 hour nap. Geez, I'm turning into a pig. I blame the frosty weather. Ahh it's Saturday tomorrow :/ I'm scared (sort of) about the casting. I do not know how to freaking read chinese okay (I don't know much word)! What am I supposed to do? :( I don't wanna go. Ugh, help me. Grant me magic tomorrow!

On the up side, I'll be going to CWB with Astha tomorrow. SHOPPING :D! I wanna get my nails done by a professional. Hmm we'll see how it goes. I might just be too worried about the evening that I'm gonna pass out. OH I FORGOT, I HAD FEVER YESTERDAY. Can I just pretend to be sick and not go for the casting? T_T if only everything was in English..

*sigh* oh well. Hm only 7 days to my birthday! And Tiffy is returning in 2 days! YAY YAY YAY. The midgets are reunited for now :D but not for long cause Astha is leaving to Australia on the 18th (major boo). I'm gonna miss my shopping partner so so much. I love her to death. She never judges anyone/anything..well unless you wear disco tights over neon items. She will totally despise you. And I was so happy that she loved her gift :) it was sorta like a farewell/super belated birthday/good luck/I love you/remember me kind of gift. I could just hug her all day and eat pizza and do our nails and talk about anything the entire day. I am so gonna miss my Nepali maid (HAHAHAHAHA).


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