Tuesday, December 4

So I shall begin

They're all gonna leave back to Malaysia tomorrow midnight. Right on Thursday, I WANT to hit the gym or paint. I have been eating so much random food and snacks that I've gained weight! NOT COOL. I FEEL SO FAT I WANT TO SCREAM AND TEAR MYSELF APART (pardon me, I'm obsessed with my weight). Other than that, well, I woke up with stomachache today. Then I puked right after breakfast. Got so tired from puking that I took a 3 hour nap!! Yes, it's one of those rare times again where I take naps. So it's half past midnight now and I'm incredibly awake. Well thank god for the internet.

I've realized today that most of the people I know who was on Team Blackberry have converted to Team Apple when it comes to phones. UGH. I swear to god my BBM is filled with dust motes here and there from the lack of usage. UGH. It's annoying! I mean, the point of having a BB is to use the awesome BBM but what's the point of it when you don't even use it that much anymore?

I promise myself that I'll run and paint as much as I can. Oh and read. I promise.

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