Friday, November 30

Updates before I sleep

Just got back from Causeway Bay and I am exhausted. Went out from 12ish with Astha to OC, Langham and some random cheap building in MK to get super cheap but super awesome accessories. Only managed to get two tops, one from H&M and another from Stardivarius, both priced at $199. Bought 2 lovely shades of lipstick from Nyx and gel liner from Maybelline. Wasn't really a great shopping trip because I couldn't get any knitwear :( things were either way too pricey or it didn't fit me. Winter clothing sucks! Ah I wish I was taller so I could rock jeans and sweaters as easy as ABCs. But unfortunately, I'm so tiny. And tiny means much harder to get clothes, much harder to fit into things, much harder to look decent. ESPECIALLY IN WINTER. Ugh I wish I could wear my awesome summer clothes. I suck at dressing up for the winter, I swear I look ridiculous in everything. Too short, too fat :(

Well my other aunt and her husband and my other cousin is arriving tomorrow night. There goes me being busy as hell all over. I have another cousin to take care of T_T omg. Ugh! But I am going out tomorrow night for drinks. Hopefully I can wind down and chill. xx

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