Wednesday, October 31

Blink blink

Bought a pair of purple velvet sandals for Astha! I was tempted to get a pair as well but sadly (the usual), they didn't have my size. Anyway.. I WANT TO GO SHOPPING AGAIN. IT MAKES ME FEEL ACCOMPLISHED AND HAPPY. Oh and I found a new game to play with so yes, I am no longer bored. It's called SongPop and it's available in Facebook. It's really cool :) mm I might go out again tomorrow. I need to go get some hair care and styling products. Oh and I need to buy some makeup. I actually ran out of some few stuff :P (more like I ruined it but it was sorta almost finished anyway, whatevs). Ate at Madam Kwan's today :D I ate like a crazy starving person! But hey, I had like a slice of toast for breakfast only and lunch was like 2-ish. And I ate 5 bites for dinner. Oh well.. it's better to keep my weight in check. I so do not want to feel bad about eating so much so yea..balancing it out through, mindlessly eating on one meal and superbly little on the others. Yeah I know it's wrong but.. what can I do? I'm so afraid of gaining weight. I freaked out when I stepped on the scale a few days back and found out I gained 0.4lbs. Yes I know it's nothing but HELLO IT'S STILL AN INCREASE!! HELL TO THE NO TO EXTRA POUNDS!

See my under eyes!

Studded top from Bershka
High wasted skirt from Stardivarius

Tuesday, October 30

Short update

Am finally getting my L license in a week or so :) Gotta come back next time to get the 8 hours done to get my P. *yawn* And I've been extremely sleepy. I've been doing pretty much nothing except chilling everyday. I want to shop :/ I really want to shop! *goes to lookbook for items to-buy!* oh btw, I'm losing my appetite again.

Monday, October 29

From me

I came across a bunch of auto-saved Skype conversations.
And I went through it. 

Sunday, October 28


Has it ever hurt you as it did me? I wish I had the ability to forget unpleasant memories and people. They haunt me, all the time. I want to know the secret to forgetting and ignoring everything around you. Life would be so much easier, wouldn't it? How do people manage to do so? I'm tired of repetitively letting my mind wander to certain thoughts. And I'm sure as hell you guys are tired of reading about it too. My feelings are hurt. I don't know what to do about it. And nothing ever seems to alright anymore. The moment you think everything's going fine, some incredible, mind blowing stuff pops out and you'd have to go through hell all over again. Some people just have it so easy yet they don't see how well things work out for them. To make matters worse, they complain to you. You; the one who's jealous of them. You; the one who wishes they have what they're complaining of. If it was material things then fuck it, but I'm talking about things that cannot be bought. Things that are.. priceless in comparison.



Sorry for MIA-ing yesterday. I had a good reason! I baked a cake and made jellies! The cake turned into umm a pile of mess that taste good? Anyway I just got back from my road sign tests? I passed. And now I have nothing to do. Oh yea I still got to attend another 6 hours talk. But lucky me, my instructor is gonna help me cheat and cut down the duration to 3 hours :)

Mmm don't have much to post. Ugh haven't gone shopping since I got back UGH. I want to go shopping! For Astha and moi :D

To get list for Astha;
- open toed sandals
- bracelet rings

Friday, October 26

Immersing my thoughts

Those chills

Have you ever find yourself searching for a familiar face in a big crowd? The hope in seeing that person someday. It's sad when the disappointment hits you and it hurts. But you should've known better than to have any hope at all, don't you? I mean, what are the odds that you'd be at the same place at the same time? But I can't help hoping. I'm just too silly sometimes. I'm such a hopeless fool.

Where are you?

Monday, October 22


Thumbs up & hi5 if you know what this is :)
This is definitely on my bucket list!


Slept considerably early last night after watching heaps of proposal videos HAHAHAHAHA. It was for fun mmkay? Ahh I don't wanna go to the driving lesson tomorrow. I don't want to! :/ Aaaaaand I'm coughing so effing much! Mmm I'm just so chilled out right now, sitting here watching tv and vids.

Sunday, October 21


Okay I am totally back in Malaysia right now. Driving lessons start on Tuesday :S and the weather here is so gloomy. Oh god, it just keeps raining! Anyways, bought myself a book to indulge in before I boarded my flight this afternoon. If you must know, it's called "I Love Your Style: How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style" by Amanda Brooks :) and I'm absolutely loving the book. From the fashion histories, icons, inspirations and pictures.. it's love right there for me!

Yep, am totally starting to venture into the sea of creativity all over again! I'm itching to sketch and sew and paint!

Friday, October 19

Light as a feather

Such calmness washes over me when I listen to this. As if nothing was ever wrong in the first place. Wishful thinking but nevertheless, could be someday soon where everything would seem alright again.

Someday soon - KT Tunstall

I think it's time to put myself away
Seek out a little silence
Close the doors and sit a while
Walk a little

And as I put my words away
The flow slows
See this penny in a stream
Picking it up is easy.

Follow the shape of it.
Jump in.
Swallow it whole.
Jump in.

Even though I know my way around
Possibly there's something new I found
Holding on for finding solid ground
Someday soon.
Someday soon.

I'll turn myself into the grass
And I'll grow
Take this space above my head
And live a little, little.

Gonna wear my feathered headdress
Like an Indian chief.
Gonna stretch out both my arms
I'm gonna test the temperature.

Follow the taste of it.
Jump in.
Swallow it whole.
Jump in.

Even though I know my way around
Possibly there's something new I found
Holding on for finding solid ground
Even though I know my way around
Possibly there's something new I found
Holding on for finding solid ground
Someday soon.
Someday soon.

Maybe walk a little
Someday soon.

The Art of Breathing

Frustration took over me today as I began to pack. I don't know what was labeled "appropriate" for my one month stay in Malaysia. It made me mad for awhile and then I just don't feel like packing anymore. I couldn't bring any of my usual stuff..seeing how everything shows "too much skin". Damn it. I guess I just have to opt for simplicity and well, simplicity in clothing. And let's throw that in with a lot of accessories just to brighten up my day :)

I've packed nearly most of my accessories, 2 pair of flats, perfumes, heaps of makeup and toiletries with me and with that, I've only filled half of my luggage. I'm honestly living with such little clothes packed that I'm mildly unsure if I'm even packing right. Ugh, packing have always been easy..just not this time. I've even included a book and all my chargers..there's still so much space in it. That's honestly freaking me out. I guess I could even bring all my curlers and flat irons and crimpers with me if I wanted and I'd still be fine. *sigh*

Since I'm practically living on house arrest as I get back to Malaysia, I'm planning on doing a lot of drawing..and maybe painting (besides the driving lessons). Oh that's right, I would love to pack my art stuff with me (yep, I would definitely do that tomorrow). I need to get a new sketch book then :) and.. here comes the hard part; I need to find my muse. I need something new. I hope I'd find another muse. Maybe I'd venture in still life or continue on my surrealism drawings. Or I'd doodle and doodle.. either way, I will draw. I promise I will.

And then I hope I'd find myself again.

Thursday, October 18

Chasing and chasing

Today was one of those days where I kept thinking about you. My head went in circles on one thought; I wondered..what would it feel like to actually be with you? I want to hear your voice. I want to talk to you. I want to hold you. I'd be contempt if we were really together. I would have finally caught the circle instead of chasing and chasing. But really though, what would it feel like to be with you?

I miss you, more than I could ever tell you how much.

Wednesday, October 17


Aye aye aye

Went to Festi, Langham and Temple Street today with Astha :) and we bought a bunch of cheap stuff! Ahh the satisfaction. We ran into Dinka in Festi this afternoon. God I've just realized how much I missed talking to him. He just gives me the weirdest-straight-to-the-point advices ever. It was nice catching up for a bit :)

Mmm seriously I should probably stop buying things. The moment I think about how I have to move all of my stuff back to Malaysia, I just get a huge headache. It's all the stuff that I want/use. UGH. I probably need a lot of boxes.. my clothes, my books, my cds, my hairbands, my makeup, my electronics and my bags! UGH. Mm I don't know why I'm thinking about it right now but honestly, I just want to die when I think about leaving something behind. Oh not to mention the few teddy I bring with me everywhere! *sigh* I have heaps load of stuff back in AS as well. I've always been saddened by the thought of my stuff back at home and now thinking about leaving anything behind just really makes me frustrated and plain grim. UGH I want all my stuff with me at all times!

Ahh be right back readers, I'm off to drink my soup :)