Tuesday, December 31

Hakuna Matata

Here we are again, bidding farewell to 2013 and welcoming the new year ahead. All in all, it has been a year full of new experiences and countless unforgettable (and maybe slightly regrettable) memories. Thank you to all my wonderful followers for allowing my blog to grow tremendously this year!

Oh I had possibly the worst day in my entire life so far yesterday. Let's just say discovering that you've been a victim of fraud isn't nice. What a way to end the year eh? Not doing much on NYE this year.. just playing Pokemon and GTA with the bro and Tom. Staying in for once perhaps? Ugh, that's like the number sign that says we are finally getting old and not wanting to go to crowded places just to countdown. Perfectly fine with staying in and welcoming the year ahead on the couch. Okay, there might be drinks involve later but at least I'm not suffocating to death trying to wedge my way through large crowds.

And nothing exudes positivity like the phrase hakuna matata!
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Have a happy new years everyone! I'm off to more Pokemon :)

Thursday, December 26

All seeing eyes..

Nothing more than strangers
Passing by out on the street
Memories are fading though
It's only been a week
All the little things are gone
The things we used to be
Nobody could take us down
There was only you and me

And without you I can't be
You're the universe to me
You're the air in my lungs
You're the fields where I run
You're the sky where I'm floating

Don't want to be a stranger
Want to be the one you need
I can be your world, your life
Your lover, all for free
All the little things come back
The things we used to be
Nobody can take us down there
It's only you and me


Light // Dark

5 more before new years

I hope everyone have had a safe and joyful christmas. I'm very grateful for Sophie and her family for letting me stay with them over Christmas here in Liverpool. Finally experienced proper christmas for the first time! Oh I also had an amazing christmas dinner. Which reminds me, I better be hitting the gym after this holiday is over..
And because it's christmas and everyone should be receiving gifts.. I'm giving away 5 extra free pairs of eyewear to my lovely readers courtesy of Firmoo.com! And this time, there won't be a contest or anything like that.. I'm just randomly picking from my existing followers list :) Why? Because you guys always make my day with your cute little comments!

Winners are as follow and will be contacted immediately (yep, immediately! Do drop me a comment with your email address if you didn't receive anything) after this post is up. Congratulations to..


Will be updating again soon. Perhaps it will be a more personal/inspirational post next.. I miss doing those but I really do need more than 24 hours a day. Again I say, if you want more little peeks into my life.. follow me on Instagram!

Monday, December 23

Winner + little updates

Merry Christmas to everyone! Sorry it's taken me ages to write a new post, I'm on Christmas break and I'm just catching up on all my missed sleep :P I've also been playing a lot of Pokemon on my 3DS. Oh and I visited Fristi in Stratford-Upon-Avon for 3 days! I will post pictures of my Christmas break soon but now I am in some sort of hurry cause I'm heading off to Liverpool to spend Christmas with Sophie and her family :) but of course, before that.. I will need to announce the winner for the firmoo giveaway :)

Congratulations to Oxana Zolotuhina!
You will be contacted shortly and your new pair of eyewear will be on its way..


And just a quick picture of what I did last night with my little diy gift wrapping..
Big thank you to all who participated in the giveaway. I love you guys! Also, this giveaway wouldn't have been done if it wasn't for Firmoo, so thank you! Look out for more giveaways in the future :D

Merry Christmas to all of you again if I don't post till after boxing day (apologies there..) Hope everyone is safe and merry this Christmas!

Sunday, December 15

Post birthday giveaway!

Well, it was my birthday yesterday! I am officially 19! Love the picture below that Matthew sent me from NY :) he wrote happy birthday in the snow..
Do I feel older? NO. Well, I've had a pretty decent celebration this year. I love all my gifts though.. It ranged from proper partying to getting a giant teddy bear all the way from HK! Love love love it but I'm really stressing about where to put all my gifts. My room in my hall is only that big :/ I have way too much stuff as it is and I really have no idea how I'm gonna put all those extra clothes..

Never mind, I'll find a way I suppose.
JUST LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT! :3 oh and my brother and his friends made me such an amazing cake! I still don't want to eat it yet cause it's way too pretty..

Special shout out to you grey eyes ;)


Aaaaaaand just because I'm been given so much for my birthday, I'd give something to my lovely loyal readers! Being 19 makes me feel generous (yea right) anywys.. I'm hosting another giveaway for you lovelies! What's this time about? Well.. who liked my glasses from firmoo.com from this post? You can get a pair now.. for free. Shipping included! How awesome, I know :D

Let me remind you how awesome those pair of glasses are..
Love it? Join the giveaway by heading over to the Firmoo classic series/sections here, pick a pair, comment on this post with your chosen pair and just cross your fingers :)

Tuesday, December 10

Giveaway winner!

Hey guys, it's the 10th here in my timezone (+GMT) so it's time to announce the winner for the Sweater Weather giveaway I hosted back in mid November. Thank you all for participating! 

Congratulations to Maru F.! You will be contacted shortly by me :)

Many thanks to sammydress.com for this giveaway!


Lookout for more giveaways soon x

Monday, December 2

Firmoo + All black OOTD

First of all, Happy December to everyone! As some of you may already know, December is my birthday month :) well.. actually, it is my birthday in exactly 12 days! And though I have 3 assignments due before we get off on the 13th for Christmas, I've got all my parties planned for this week.. starting with tonight (I'm celebrating mine a week in advance just because everyone will be back home on my actual birthday). I swear I'll be exhausted but it'll be worth it. Well, I hope so at least..

One of my many early birthday blessings this year includes a pair of amazing Firmoo glasses from Firmoo.com. If you haven't heard about their First Pair Free program, head over right now and get your very first pair of Firmoo for free! Click here for more info/details :)

This is the pair that I've chosen aaaaand I'm loving how well it fits me! I've always been into the hipster-type of glasses and this is just so classic in tortoise palette.
I've ordered this pair for anti-reflective/anti-radition as well so no one can say that it's pointless wearing glasses when my eyes are perfectly fine. I mean, I've gotta keep them 20/20 y'know? Having to spend hours and hours in front of my Mac doesn't really help.

And of course, no post of mine is ever complete without a mirror selfie :P
Glasses from Firmoo
Sequined jumper/sweatshirt from Asos
I've been wearing these glasses for the whole day now and I have to say, they're so comfy it's as if I'm not wearing it. Ge love love for this pair of glasses 

Go ahead and head over to Firmoo.com for your first free pair! Oh and if you're not too sure what frame suits you, they have the Virtual Try-On System to help you out :)
Also, stay tuned for a surprise for you lovely readers! And I'd like to thank Firmoo for their awesomeness.

For all you bloggers out there, head over here for something awesome ;) x

Friday, November 22

Move Into Light (8)

It's been a long, long week. Glad its Friday but at the same time, that just means I have less than 4 days to finish up on the assignment that I've barely started.. oh well. I'll get around to it. It's been getting a lot colder these days. And it's been hailing quite a bit.. frosty, that's the word.

I'm extremely tired. I want to pass out for a day just sleeping contently but it doesn't seem to be happening. Also, I've noticed that my eating habits are going off the charts again. My collar bone is just getting more prominent now.. and same goes with my hip bones.

*breathes* Anyways, this post is just going to be filled with random photos of my liking :) from my Instagram.. (duh).
 Rainbows on two different occasions..
Hair update; I kinda want to cut my hair. It's just too long to the point where I have to tie it up to sleep. Ugh, and I want to get some fringe back but I don't know if it's a good idea.. but still loving my hair regardless tho.
Yep, they kinda change color depending on the light.
Till I update again! x

Monday, November 18

Sweater Weather Giveaway!

Procrastinating as usual but hey I've got a giveaway for ya :) As the days gets colder, who's with me on the whole Sweater Weather is Better Weather spirit? How about free clothes at that?
So I'm here to host this little giveaway for all you little loves here in collaboration with the lovely sammydress.com.

They're an online fashion retail company that's just awesome when it comes to the different styles and affordability. I actually couldn't believe the prices and died a little out of happiness (excuse my excitement). For all you shopaholics like me, just check them out here and you'll get me for sure *wink*

Prize as follow.. one of your choice from below and the image is clickable!;

Enter giveaway below;

Important: Remember to leave a comment that includes your email address, the alphabet of the sweater that you'd like and the size/color (where applicable). ONE winner will be contacted.

Contest ends on December 10th (that's 3 weeks from now). Also, many thanks to sammydress.com for this giveaway!

Sunday, November 17

Short trip to Cov

The visit to Coventry turned out better than expected. Had real good food (japanese, italian and dessert) and good company 
Christmas break is about to come up in a couple of weeks.. okay well not really but I'm only looking forward to the holidays. And I guess I need to sort my plans out soon. I wonder where I'll head to. But before that, I have about 6 assignments due :( and the nearest ones are due on the 25th and 26th. Someone kill me now. I haven't even started :(

Good luck to me guys. I'll write again soon after I'm done with my two annoying deadlines. Heading to bed right now so I can wake up early and start my amazingly busy week *sigh* I'm so sarcastic I can't even..

Thank you so much for the good lucks! Love you guys x

Friday, November 8

I hope you understand I'm hanging on to you (8)

I've been wanting to make my room more, me.. for awhile now. And since it's almost Christmas season, I got my hands on some Christmas lights. The best part is that I found battery powered ones so there's no unsightly wires hanging around. It's also getting a lot colder these days. Reading week has been boring but a much needed type of boring I suppose. Got to sleep as much as I want and watch as much movies as I like. But I did head down to Manchester on Tuesday to see my brother and then I headed back to campus yesterday noon. And just like any other student, I'm procrastinating about starting my assignment that's due on Wednesday. It's not that it's difficult to complete but just.. procrastinating. Not wanting to do it just yet.
Fluffy socks are becoming my weakness. One, because they're just so warm. And two, it's just so darn cute. And yes, that's my feet up against the wall as I was doing well.. feet against the wall sit ups lol.
Loved eating those yummy bonfire night cupcakes. And that toffee apple was so yummy but it was one too many sweet stuff for me that night so I didn't finish it. My brother had a migraine from sugar rush :3 Hmm here's a little itty bitty secret, I love fireworks and sparklers but I am equally as afraid of getting burnt. Hence, notice how I hold on to the end of the sparkler instead. Like really, all the way at the end.

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