Thursday, January 31

A good last day

Hi dear readers :) I finally had a good day! Aaaaaaand it's the last day of January.. farewell and hello February. I did some nail taping using my newly bought China Glaze Electric Beat and drew on triangles using a Sephora's black nail polish. Am in love with how neat I got it to turn out to be. Y'know what, I'm gonna do a lil business this Chinese New Year's and totally charge all my relatives some amount of money to do theirs (I've always done it free but not this year!). I've already packed the colors that I've deemed 'appropriate' for such occasion :)
Went to Hung Hom with mommy today to get our hair done! Dyed half my hair and got a little trim. Kudos to the awesome hairstyle that did me and my mom :)
And this is the result :) I love my hair even more now! Okay, truth be told, everyone was practically staring at me when I only did half of it. Except all the hairstylists maybe, but the other customers and trainees, yes. They kept looking and glancing at my direction lol.

Wednesday, January 30


Got my 2nd earlobe piercing and cartilage done yesterday!
Current to-do list:
Get new ear piercings before I leave on the 5th
Stop thinking about 'that'
Watch Suits
Watch Game of Thrones (currently watching)
Stop being paranoid!

It's some progress :)

Monday, January 28

It's for the best

Oh I just don't feel like doing anything these days. Been a bad bad bad week. Except maybe a thing or two that made me smile. I wanna be left alone with a mountain load of ice cream and have tv series marathons. *sigh* I haven't even want to blog this week. I'm like only coming online every three days for one post when it used to be three posts in a day :( well.. I received my NastyGal parcel 2-3 days ago! My heels came in a box of Ego and Greed. That kept me happy for a few hours.
Made birthday decors on the night of 23rd.
Am sort of in love with pastel shades compared to my usual dark wardrobe.
I even painted my nails to a lovely pink (it's really rare) last night.
I used OPI's Pink-ing Of You.
And that's probably all that I have left to say for now.

Current to-do list:
Get new ear piercings before I leave on the 5th
Stop thinking about 'that'
Watch Suits
Watch Game of Thrones
Stop being paranoid!

Friday, January 25

I will be strong

It's been a whirlwind. I wish that something could've been done to take this week away. I am lost. I am alone. I am afraid. I wish I could be happier or stronger. Nothing appeals to me. I would very much like to lay in bed and sleep. I don't want to have thoughts, I don't want to do anything. I miss feeling alive though. I'd give anything just to feel better. I am jealous at whoever that's happy, at ease, or just anyone who would have someone beside them no matter the time. I have fought and I've tried, yet it's never enough . Someday I wish I would forget. At times, I wish I wasn't me. It's always painful knowing everyone has someone else to be happy with. Why am I always left hanging? *sigh* One of these days I will crack. I stop myself from having thoughts like these all the time but I can't help it today. Because I have wandered from places to places alone for the past 3 hours. Not a single text from anyone, not a single person to talk to. I can't help but to feel pathetic. To anyone of you who takes the time to read this, well.. I thank you.

And guess what.. I just missed my station to go home. Well, its true.. there's always a first.

Tuesday, January 22

Inventory day

Both Sephora's, Revlon's Totally Toffee and MaxFactor
A collection of Face Shop nail polish
OPI's top coat, Orly's Won't Chip and Essie's matte about you
OPI's Save Me, Fly, Pink Friday and Did It On 'Em by Nicki Minaj
(Note: I just dropped and broke the bottle of Save Me. Yeah, someone.. SAVE ME! I just begun liking this glitter and it freaking broke)
Designer nail polish: Deborah Lippman's Acros the Universe and Turn Back Time
OPI's Russian Navy, Funky Dunkey, French Quartet For Your Thoughts, Don't Touch My Tutu, Pink-ing Of You and My Chihuahua Bites
Nicole by OPI's Sealed With a Kris (from the Kardashian's) and Black Texture shatter
OPI's Uh-oh Roll Down the Window, Over the Taupe, Glitzerland, Up Front and Personal, Samoan Sand and Sweet Heart

That's 33 nail polishes. Oh 32 :(

Sunday, January 20

This is bad

Okay, I haven't been in the best of spirits lately. So yeah, sorry about not updating! Good news is,  I've been painting.. working on my other surrealism piece. A few more days and perhaps I'll be done. Hmm and I've been watching Game of Thrones (thank you Joel!) to pass my time and cure my boredom.

I am currently lost. I don't know what to think or how to act. All I do is worry and stress out *sigh*. I want to do something for myself. I want to be able to decide things and not have to be doubted or given a dirty look. Hmm I'll go back to watching Game of Thrones now.. because I don't know what to write :/

Friday, January 18

That song

Purchased new tops, heels and accessories from NastyGal late last night! Spring is almost here YAY! Will be able to say goodbye to thick, frumpy clothes soon :) OH AND SUMMER WEATHER BACK IN MALAYSIA IN FEBRUARY IS LOOOOOVE.
Okay that's it. I'm going to paint.
I feel like I've wasted all my time :(

Thursday, January 17

Those kind of days

You know one of magical moments where you look into the mirror and finally liking what you see?
Had that yesterday and I finally felt a little happier about myself :)
OOTD from yesterday:
Studded collar top from Cotton On
High waisted blue shorts from H&M

Wednesday, January 16

Forgetting for today

Went out and shopped with mommy in Central and OC today :) managed to buy 5 piece of super lovely clothing for such a bargain because it's on sale! Oh and I bought 2 more OPI nail polishes.. hmm, I shall make an inventory on my nail polish collection soon. Also, I'm ready for Chinese New Year! I have a luggage full of new clothes *happy* I just think I need at least another pair of new shoes.

AND GUYS! INFO ABOUT TOMORROWLAND 2013 IS OUT AS OF TODAY! Click here if there's a spark of interest in going. I am just jumping with excitement :D let's pray to God that I can really, really go. I swear I'd be so effing disappointed and am gonna cry my heart out if it just turns out to be.. nothing.

I've gotten so many nice compliments on my nails today that I am just super proud of myself! I can't stop admiring it myself :P

Hmm okay, I'm sorta tired from today. Emotionally drained upon being super happy over an 'okay' from my mom about Tomorrowland.. so I'll update again tomorrow on today's OOTD! Oh it was 23 degrees celcius today :) SO I WORE SHORTS! Teehee.. night guys!

Tuesday, January 15

(8) Earthquakey people

Surprise, surprise.. I did my nails again! Took a break from the super-fun leopard print design I had on before this and settled for some glitter gradient and neatly dotted dots.
Used OPI's Don't Touch My Tutu as base
OPI's Fly by Nicky Minaj for the dots
OPI's Save Me by Nicki Minaj for the glitter gradient
And I finished off with OPI's Topcoat

This time I had on 5-6 coats of Don't Touch My Tutu so that I'd have a full, solid coverage (unlike the leopard design where it really isn't noticeable if the base is a little see-through) and allowed the dots to accentuate the 'cleanliness' of this mani. Don't worry, I use light coats so it really doesn't feel thick at all.

AND YES DEAR READERS, I HAVE FINALLY STARTED USING THE NICKI MINAJ OPI COLLECTION. I was planning to give it away because it was just too neon but not anymore! I love how the colors turn out on a white base :) plus my hands are just getting steadier at using the dotting tools *proud*. My mom said the glitter gradients are really lovely :) I am super happy about my current mani!

Monday, January 14


This week have been bad for me, emotionally. Have had a lot of thoughts race through my mind. I guess I'm smarter this time because I diverted myself into looking pretty. At least that cheers me up for a bit. Hmm I crave for ice cream all the time. I swear I flip over any menus to the dessert section immediately before looking at the other sections :P and I realized I've lost some weight again. Which is a good thing given that it's almost the Chinese festive season! I have to fit into my perfectly sized 'qipaos' for Chinese New Years. This year, I have one in white with modern embellishments and another in typical-traditional bright red. I will show you guys when I wear it! It's only what..a month more :P

I'll keep my head up. I'll be brave. I'll smile.
Jan 14th; starting on a new 14-day diet.

Saturday, January 12

Dolling up for...

So I did my nails and I did my own hair. I've always personally liked curls a lot! Love, love, love curls. Curls are made super easy to achieve thanks to some japanese sponge that I just roll around my hair for the night. Oh and I applied BedHead products so I'd have my lovely curls for the entire day :)
My super funky nails and my super cute iPhone cover :D
Went out to have dinner with Adam and Tina at Elements two days ago :) we camwhored so much I bet people thought we were crazy.This is my favorite photo found in my iPhone!
Took this real quick in the elevator in Festi and it's my current DP!
Warmer top from Giordano basics
Leather padded cardi from H&M
Scarf from somewhere in Macau
Gold headband from Stardivarius
This is what I wore last night to go out with Tina and Christina to the Ozone at the Ritz Carlton!
Yep, we're being so classy :D
Dual fabric dress from Bershka
(I have this in turquoise because I love it that much)
Breathtaking view of Hong Kong while sipping cocktails and catching up on stuff.
We were basically in heaven :P
"Being the highest bar in the world, OZONE is proudly positioned on the top floor of the hotel. Guests can indulge themselves with signature cocktails and an exotic selection of Asian tapas while enjoying DJ beats. Wind down the day with a few drinks and enjoy the gentle breezes at the outdoor terrace that captures the spectacular views of the city and Victoria Harbour."
The Ozone is located on the 118th floor!
(l-r) Christina, me and Tina
Aaaaand this is my belated birthday gift from Tina :) I love it so much!
Thank you Tinaaaaaaaa!

Btw, does curly hair or straight hair suit me more?

Wednesday, January 9

Fixed NOTD

The longer I stare at the ruffles, the more I think it doesn't compliment the leopard as well as I first had it on. So I took the ruffles design off my two thumbs and pointers. Then I proceeded with deciding on the same leopard pattern but in turquoise :) pictures are in a step-by-step procedure on achieving this leopard mani.
After two coats of OPI's Don't Touch My Tutu.
After adding another two coats of the same base color (four coats in total of OPI's Don't Touch My Tutu)
Use a large headed dotting tool to dot on random, irregular spots on your nail. I used OPI's Fly by Nicki Minaj.
Clean your dotting tool before dipping in another color :) draw in irregular Cs and dots around the colored spots you had in before. I also used a smaller headed dotting tool so it seems more natural. Used Sephora's Black for this.
Apply a coat of your favorite top coat and you're good to go!
For me it's OPI's :)
I absolutely love, love, love my mani!