Monday, January 14


This week have been bad for me, emotionally. Have had a lot of thoughts race through my mind. I guess I'm smarter this time because I diverted myself into looking pretty. At least that cheers me up for a bit. Hmm I crave for ice cream all the time. I swear I flip over any menus to the dessert section immediately before looking at the other sections :P and I realized I've lost some weight again. Which is a good thing given that it's almost the Chinese festive season! I have to fit into my perfectly sized 'qipaos' for Chinese New Years. This year, I have one in white with modern embellishments and another in typical-traditional bright red. I will show you guys when I wear it! It's only what..a month more :P

I'll keep my head up. I'll be brave. I'll smile.
Jan 14th; starting on a new 14-day diet.


  1. Hard week for me too. Hard life, actually. But then again, parodoxically hard lives and hard loves are what most people look up too.
    Starting a new diet from today too, feeling pretty is a must, the holiday whale look doesn't suit me.;)


  2. Sometimes Its great to hide for a wile from the world and stay quietly with yourself!
    So, dont worry and believe in yourself no metter what! Everything will be great!!)


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