Saturday, January 12

Dolling up for...

So I did my nails and I did my own hair. I've always personally liked curls a lot! Love, love, love curls. Curls are made super easy to achieve thanks to some japanese sponge that I just roll around my hair for the night. Oh and I applied BedHead products so I'd have my lovely curls for the entire day :)
My super funky nails and my super cute iPhone cover :D
Went out to have dinner with Adam and Tina at Elements two days ago :) we camwhored so much I bet people thought we were crazy.This is my favorite photo found in my iPhone!
Took this real quick in the elevator in Festi and it's my current DP!
Warmer top from Giordano basics
Leather padded cardi from H&M
Scarf from somewhere in Macau
Gold headband from Stardivarius
This is what I wore last night to go out with Tina and Christina to the Ozone at the Ritz Carlton!
Yep, we're being so classy :D
Dual fabric dress from Bershka
(I have this in turquoise because I love it that much)
Breathtaking view of Hong Kong while sipping cocktails and catching up on stuff.
We were basically in heaven :P
"Being the highest bar in the world, OZONE is proudly positioned on the top floor of the hotel. Guests can indulge themselves with signature cocktails and an exotic selection of Asian tapas while enjoying DJ beats. Wind down the day with a few drinks and enjoy the gentle breezes at the outdoor terrace that captures the spectacular views of the city and Victoria Harbour."
The Ozone is located on the 118th floor!
(l-r) Christina, me and Tina
Aaaaand this is my belated birthday gift from Tina :) I love it so much!
Thank you Tinaaaaaaaa!

Btw, does curly hair or straight hair suit me more?


  1. cute nails and I like your IPhone cover as well!

  2. What lovely curls! wish I had straight hair like you though... ^_^ x

  3. i really love your curls hair !! btw nice gift

  4. Great look and a good job on doing your hair and nails ! ^^
    Love the iphone cover as well :)
    Have a nice Sunday:)

  5. Me encanta tu estilo estás super preciosa!!
    Hola guapa me ha gustado mucho el post!!Te acabo de conocer a través de otro blog y me ha encantado todo. Te sigo a partir de ahora.
    Me encantaría que te pasaras por nuestro blog donde encontrarás ropa y complementos únicos que diseño yo misma, además de tutoriales de make up, peinados, recetas.. y mucho más.

    Un besito:

  6. Love your hair and pictures!)
    Id love to make curls for myself, but its so much time consuming!)

    Great that you have so lovely friends!

    1. aw thank you :) yes it is time consuming but i found these great spongy rolls that you just sleep with it on and voila! lovely curls!!

  7. Love your hair, the curls are beautiful

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



  8. Curly hair :) super cute!

    xo Jennifer


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