Monday, January 28

It's for the best

Oh I just don't feel like doing anything these days. Been a bad bad bad week. Except maybe a thing or two that made me smile. I wanna be left alone with a mountain load of ice cream and have tv series marathons. *sigh* I haven't even want to blog this week. I'm like only coming online every three days for one post when it used to be three posts in a day :( well.. I received my NastyGal parcel 2-3 days ago! My heels came in a box of Ego and Greed. That kept me happy for a few hours.
Made birthday decors on the night of 23rd.
Am sort of in love with pastel shades compared to my usual dark wardrobe.
I even painted my nails to a lovely pink (it's really rare) last night.
I used OPI's Pink-ing Of You.
And that's probably all that I have left to say for now.

Current to-do list:
Get new ear piercings before I leave on the 5th
Stop thinking about 'that'
Watch Suits
Watch Game of Thrones
Stop being paranoid!


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