Tuesday, February 19


The weirdest feeling hit me when I landed back in Hong Kong yesterday; I've realized I really did like it here better than Malaysia. I'm not talking about the people but just the place in general. That air of safety, it comforts me. I got really excited on being back here again. The irony is, I sort of have been dreading the time I've spent being here just a month ago. Oh well..

To do list:
- Paint
- Read
- Watch tv series
- Get fit

I want to be productive. I promise I won't go shopping by myself anymore. One, it makes me feel super lonely.. two, I have too much clothes. I should be spending time doing what I love, painting. Be it random colors or gradients or really getting down to completing something.. I just want to keep painting.

Yep, I'm feeling the energy and inspired. Let's just hope it stays that way! xx


  1. I'm glad your getting inspired! Always do what makes you happy, but you enjoy painting so let's see some painting post soon :)

    xoxo Akinyi



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