Sunday, February 3

Jan 13th

I don't want to be the only one who's putting some effort in trying.

So hi readers, how has 3 days of February been? I have been up to nothing. Asides from watching Games of Thrones, googling up cheat sheets to understand the houses and getting hooked on Candy Crush.. nothing. It's weird having nothing to blog about. Oh wait.. I did something productive on the 1st of Feb! I got my lazy self back to the gym and I pushed myself to incredible limits this time. One word; PROUD.
I was on the stationary bike for 66 minutes, burning 1244 calories that day :)

Total distance:
February 1st - 37.72km!!

And then I survived on 3 tuna sandwiches for the whole day yesterday. I lost an inch off my waist! :D
A picture from my Instagram.


  1. Wowzas, that's a lot of Kms! I get oober bored on the stationary bike, tho I'm forced to do it when I go to gym! At home, I prefer making complete fun of myself with Just Dance ;P

    1. thanks! yeah i do too but i have my music and the tv was on in the gym :)

  2. Ooo congrats on your workout!


  3. Wow you are donig so well, congratulations! I am following you on GFC, hope you´ll do the same! let me know if you wanna follow each other on facebook and bloglovin <3<3


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