Monday, February 25


After much effort, I finally found an art supply store that sells a variety of acrylic paints! It's such a lovely place that I would definitely be back again. It's located in Yau Ma Tei, take exit C on the mtr station and just turn left :) Right now, I am slightly light headed from smelling the smell of paint since this morning (it's the evenings now). Am happy that I am almost done with this new piece!! I worked super fast this time cause I am just super inspired from all the artsy people online. This is good, this is so good.

Oh, and I photographed all my work this afternoon! *yawn* I feel so tired *breathes a major sigh of relief* I HAVE BEEN SUPER PRODUCTIVE :D I'm coming for you Singapore! Hmm but just in case, let's pray that I will get accepted..
Okay okay, here's a sneak peak of one of my previous works! Can you guess what it is?
Heart of fire.


  1. too cool! and i love being productive too keke. xO!

    1. :) it feels as if you're using time properly.


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