Wednesday, March 6

(8) Robots

I'm finished with another one of my paintings! I think I'm gonna do an intricate piece next.. Cause my brother's right, I've been playing safe and painting what I know I can do good on. TIME FOR A NEW CHALLENGE! Honestly though, I am over stressing myself maybe a little more than I should but I am absolutely determined to do my best for my portfolio. Also, I am sort of being a loner these days.. not having any human contact with anyone else besides people I live with. HA! Who would've ever thought that I'd be able to stand being like this? Oh well, guess right now I can see what I want most clearly.
Oh let me just casually throw in on the fact that I am in love with my hair. It's all the way to my waist now and it's still super soft/healthy/shiny *mega pride* because I actually bother taking good care of it :) but the part that I really love about my hair is the double color that I have on now! Need I remind you of my awesome dye now? Here's a pic!
And I still have my old highlights and ombre on.. the good thing though, is that they've all faded to sort of match this color which explains why I or the hairstylist didn't bother taking it off beforehand. Throwing another casual update, I can now change the stud on my second earlobe piercing :) It has been a little over a month I guess? It has healed properly and thank god no nasty infections happened. My cartilage is still healing though, it still hurts whenever I touch it. Apparently it takes at least 3-4 months to heal completely before you can change the stud! Patience Annick, patience..
Yep this is a long post with pretty pictures.
How can I resist posting something from furrylittlepeach? Did I mention that she replied me on Instagram TWICE, RT-ed me TWICE and she favorited TWO of my tweets to her? My fangirl mode is activated. She just inspires me so much!
If only I was as talented.. but I'll make do with it and learn more everyday :) 


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  3. Hello! Just found your blog from another I follow. I started following you! Can't wait to read more! I'm loving all of those photos! I'm a sucker for a pretty picture with pretty words on it!


    1. aww thank you jessica! you're too sweet :) i'll definitely follow back!


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