Friday, April 19

Back on

Oh it feels so weird to not blog for more than a week. It has been terribly busy and tiring but I've managed! And now I'm back :) this week alone, I've learned and explored so much about digital art. Good news is, I sent it in yesterday! All 11 works that I've done :) for now, I can just hope for the best. Please, please, please let me get accepted!

Okay, there really isn't much for me to talk about because I've just been doing the same thing repetitively for a week. Photoshop, take pictures, photoshop. Oh but I will be featuring some of my work that I did! Not the ones that I've sent in though. Aaaaaaaand I am currently sick. Sore throat and slight fever. Must be the lack of rest and food intake. Anyways, I honestly enjoyed being in the super stressful creative zone for a week. It got my brain working on every nerve brainstorming for creative ideas.

Note: I lost a few more pounds this week!

Here's one of my photos that I did for fun :)
Stay tuned!


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