Wednesday, April 10


I have been doing nothing and I haven't left Vineyard in 5-6 days. Meaning, I've stayed home for the past five days doing nothing but watching Jenna Marbles vids and random tv shows, eating and exercising. But I went to the gym (I honestly have forgotten when) and biked on level 8. Have also been doing squats, some pilates and some random mixtures of stuff. Just casually trying new stuff because I have nothing else to do. Oh and I have a new record of not checking my whatsapp for two days! Ha! I'm turning into some anti-social freak. 
New total: 176.37km
Just some random photos I've IGed in my very boring 5-6 days of life. Oh I blame the weather for my behavior, really. I want sunny days :(


  1. EDM... so good!

    Adoring the nail polish color! perfect for spring, love!


    1. hi5 on that! thanks :) i'm trying to get into the spring mode but the weather sucks

  2. I have to agree with Kim, great nails!


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