Tuesday, May 14

Hi summer!

So I just realized that in 3 days.. (2 days since it's already past midnight) it's Friday. Which means, prom  day for my juniors! I couldn't believe that it's so soon. Wasn't it just a day or two ago that I'd counted that it's 10 days away? Oh well.. I guess all those moody days, hours of tv series and doing absolutely nothing makes time pass rather quickly. For the record, I am not attending prom even though I sort of did wanted to have another prom given that mine was mildly horrible. I kept changing my mind and in the end, no. But I am joining everyone else for after prom party. It'd better be as epic as last year's (note; I had a bad prom evening but great after prom party).

Aaaaaand my weight fluctuated to like +500g/1lbs and it makes me feel really fat. I don't know why but lately I just know when I gain back a pound. It's rather annoying really, and depressing. So I will make myself run tomorrow. Or I'll just lay off the food for the next three days. *yawn*

Also, summer is really here :)
So here you go, summer inspiration!


  1. Love the summer inspiration & Have a great time at the after party.

    That Sassy Girl
    That Sassy Girl on Bloglovin

  2. I never went to my prom, but I hear great things about the after parties!

    1. oh it's rather different here. i bet the ones at your place is wayyy better

  3. All cute cute outfit. Love all the pictures :) love summer light look.



  4. nice summer inspiration dear. Love the outfit photos of these bloggers!

    New post is up!
    XX, IamJenniya

    1. oh thank you :) yeah, they're just so pretty!

  5. dungaree and floral shorts are must have items! much love for the inspirations <3


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