Thursday, June 27

Rise & fall

Has anyone of you ever experienced those rare moments of happiness only to be crushed completely afterwards? I have. Countlessly, throughout the start of summer till date. It breaks me a little more each time this happens. I'm tired, exhausted from feeling like this but I have to be strong don't I? Everyone learns from experience and mistakes. There have been so many bumps, so many complications but I will be okay. In the end, everything will be okay. I read that from somewhere today.

One after the other, it just keeps coming. It hurts. I just wish things would work in much simpler ways.

Oh well.. I'm going to Ocean park tomorrow regardless of the weather. Let's hope it'll be a good day. Right now, I'm feeling a tiny bit of bittersweet. Some unresolved complications has finally come to an end. I don't know if I should be happy. If that's what I should be feeling, then I really don't know what's wrong with me for being way more sad than I should. And even with this ending, another one is brewing.

Life.. life sucks. Life sucks and it's full of goodbyes. I hate goodbyes. I hate having people entering my life only to walk away. But, that's life. Everyone walks away. In the end, you're alone. Forever and always, you'll have you. But that's also.. if you don't lose yourself in the midst of everything.

I'm off to bed now. I love you guys. Thank you for sticking with me even when I don't post as much as I used to! xx


  1. I think everyone has those times in life. Stay strong!

  2. Think of all the hellos you say, try to even out the goodbyes.

  3. Couldn't agree more with u annicky. Everyone walks away eventually.
    Your blog is awesome as always. That's why i'm sticking around.
    Be strong babe. Cuz every time we fall, we need to get back up on our own.

    -It's me, D. ;)

    1. aww D <3 thank you! yep, we need to learn to stand back up again

  4. Stay strong lovely, we're here for you! <3

    Liana x

  5. Stay Strong!
    great blog as always Annick :)

    Francesca from La Dolce Moda

  6. I absolutely know what you mean and how you feel !
    Sometimes I really believe it's me.

    But after reading your story I feel much better and want to motivate you to be strong because you are not alone :)


    1. aww thank you.. ah someone who understands! <3

  7. I feel you. Hang in there, everything going to change. As saying goes ...when one door closes, another opens. Stay strong!

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    xx Sofie

  9. awww..sweety, hope you doing better soon! There are always better days coming!

    1. thank you <3 i hope that happens soon


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