Wednesday, July 24

Take me back to those days

Tuesday, July 23


Oh hello, I'm back in Malaysia. Sorry for the lack of updates lovelies. I've been going with the words 'collect moments' so I'm trying to stick to it. I have much to write but don't know where to start. Oh well.. but I do miss writing things here.

So much to think, so much to say.. nowhere to start. People. Memories. Feelings. The good and the bad. I miss it all :/

Monday, July 15

Never say goodbye (8)

For the most part, I could just listen. Keeping my thoughts to myself. I know so much more to the story but I couldn't.. and I wouldn't say it. Silly people, they think they have everyone wrapped around their little fingers. Oh well.. what could I do to make things seem simpler? It isn't and it wouldn't be. What's worse is that I thought it wouldn't get any more complicated than it is already :/

Every good thing has to come to an end. And that's a heartbreaking truth right there. I will remember all my good times and try to be happy that it happened. No matter the complications.. it happened and it was beautiful.

Anyways, pretty inspirational quotes anyone?

Sunday, July 14

Nostalgic - random post

The hardest part will always be good byes.

I'm leaving back to Malaysia this coming Saturday and will be returning to Hong Kong early or mid August. It doesn't seem like a bad thing but there are quite a few friends who will be gone then and god knows when I'll get to see them again. Next summer, perhaps? I'm gonna miss you all.. So yeah. Okay, okay.. time for uni talk now. Does anyone of you guys remember a period of time where that was the only thing I could think of everyday and the stressed I put myself through drove me insane? Well.. I got into 3 unis in UK :) U of Arts, London, U of Chester and U of Reading! And tbh, it was such a big relief. Aaaaaannnnnddddd.. I've decided to go to U of Chester (prays that everything will work out)!

Hmm summer is sort of ending for me soon.. well it feels that way. I saw someone today that reminded me about some parts of my summer that feels so distant to me now even though it was just a month ago. All those good memories came rushing back and it feels good. I sort of wish to turn back time. I've met such great people this summer.. made so many new friends and memories :) thank you to everyone so far!

I'll update again soon. ASAP. Promise.

Tuesday, July 9

Flying around HK + random IG pics

Finally got a chance to be flown by Matthew last Sunday (note: this is the 4th try, the other 3 times have failed due to weather). No words to describe how cool it was :) okay, subtract all the turbulence that made me nauseous..(thank god for motion sickness pills) it was a really awesome trip!
I took heaps of pictures but I'm not gonna post all of them :P And since this is a short update, I'll just show you some random photos from my IG..
Stanley beach with Rhodes, Judy and Wesley a day before Rhodes left to Japan.
Somewhere in Sham Tseng with Sam. Thank you again for talking to me. I don't remember when this was though LOL.
The day before Rhose left to Japan again. Hotpot at mine, cards and shots afterwards till late with Bro, Sophie, Rhodes, Judy and Wesley. And here's a random ootd photo from I don't really remember when HAHA.
And since my clothes aren't really visible..I'm not gonna tell you what I'm wearing so I can recycle this outfit :) Stalk and follow for more on Instagram here.

Thursday, July 4

Introducing eFoxCity!

Have you guys noticed that I've been addicted to wearing minimal, muted colors and layering on accessories? I mean.. I just love piling on earrings, rings and bracelets now. I've never been the type to go for animal prints or large floral ones cause of my petite frame but I'm only sticking to color blocking these days! Okay okay, maybe I'm too lazy to really think about matching and coordinating my outfits cause I'm always in a rush these days :P 

Hmm.. I haven't been doing much shopping these days due to certain reasons but who remembers my long-time addiction to online shopping? I just love browsing through clothes, adding them to cart and check out (okay.. maybe not so much on the checking out part LOL).

So I came across a new site for online shopping at wholesale prices! They have everything.. really.. everything.. even mens clothing! Go check out everyone :D I bet you guys would love browsing through their stuff as much as I do. Anyways, found these really lovely accessories while browsing through their site and thought I should share it to you lovelies!
This is the Euro style black lace necklace :)
White gem gold necklace! So prettyyyyyy..
Blue personality stripe Euro style necklace
AND THIS! Vintage swallow necklace! I just have this thing for swallows.. not for the real ones though. Those scare me :/ Okay and now for the fun part.. here comes the bride! LMAO it's the first time for me to see pretty wedding dresses available online so yeah.. It was some weird/fun experience HAHA.
So yeah.. as you can see, they really have a wide variety of things. Mens hoodies or cheap designer jackets for women anyone? Have fun browsing through lovelies! xx

Wednesday, July 3

Flawless summer inspirations

Currently enjoying all the sun I can get before going off to UK for uni later.. I will miss wearing shorts and flowy tanks for sure. Guess I'll be needing a whole lot of knitwear and whatnot for the colder weather :/ I need to master the layering technique for my small frame!