Wednesday, February 27

It's all, me

Went back to school today with Jasper (IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!) and it was a bundle of fun/comfort talking to people. Settled my things and got my recommendation letters from the office :) so I have been feeling good about myself these few days on the account of being super productive. And today in school, everyone noticed my tinier self and longer hair, which makes me happy cause they all gave me really nice compliments too. Okay, maybe one or two said that I am getting way too tiny but that's okay. These days I am feeling a lot healthier and more carefree. Well, until I think about getting rejected by La Salle that is :/

The thing with me is I always tend to over stress myself. I would keep thinking and imagine the worst possible outcome there is. It's bad for me, because when I get stressed out, all I do is be depressed and angry. I really need to find one solid backup if things don't work out (but hopefully it does!).

I also realized that I haven't done any OOTD or NOTD posts in quite some time.. apologies dear readers! But I cannot slack off and venture into styling myself so much when I need all the time I can get to paint. And tbh, I am only sporting messy buns and t-shirts these days due to my being super busy with my arts and craft. So apologies again!

Oh.. and when I'm not busy being artsy, I glue myself to the computer watching as many episodes of tv series. It's looking like a good life (for now). Will update again soon :)

I never look back when I decide on things. Do you understand me?

Monday, February 25


After much effort, I finally found an art supply store that sells a variety of acrylic paints! It's such a lovely place that I would definitely be back again. It's located in Yau Ma Tei, take exit C on the mtr station and just turn left :) Right now, I am slightly light headed from smelling the smell of paint since this morning (it's the evenings now). Am happy that I am almost done with this new piece!! I worked super fast this time cause I am just super inspired from all the artsy people online. This is good, this is so good.

Oh, and I photographed all my work this afternoon! *yawn* I feel so tired *breathes a major sigh of relief* I HAVE BEEN SUPER PRODUCTIVE :D I'm coming for you Singapore! Hmm but just in case, let's pray that I will get accepted..
Okay okay, here's a sneak peak of one of my previous works! Can you guess what it is?
Heart of fire.

Friday, February 22

Art crush!

Came across Sha'an d'Anthes's work from furrylittlepeach and I am just so in love! I wish I could paint like her.. here are some of her works (all taken from her tumblr blog);
I am getting crazy inspired by her. I swear I could just browse through her pictures all day long.. Oh! She also sells her work on Etsy here.

She's officially my art crush 
Would loooooove to own a piece of her work someday.

Thursday, February 21

Yay for me

I finally managed to finish my surrealism eye piece! And I started a new painting :D IN THE SAME DAY!! Teehee, I think I want to start a series of painting using this same theme. Yep, I feel like a genius. I'm so happy today that I've been so productive. The downside is that I forgot to eat but oh well.. that's okay for me.

I've been considering the suggestion made by Akinyi from about posting up my paintings. I might just do it :)

Asides from painting, I'm also catching up on Vampire Diaries and Walking Dead! Double yay.

Tuesday, February 19


The weirdest feeling hit me when I landed back in Hong Kong yesterday; I've realized I really did like it here better than Malaysia. I'm not talking about the people but just the place in general. That air of safety, it comforts me. I got really excited on being back here again. The irony is, I sort of have been dreading the time I've spent being here just a month ago. Oh well..

To do list:
- Paint
- Read
- Watch tv series
- Get fit

I want to be productive. I promise I won't go shopping by myself anymore. One, it makes me feel super lonely.. two, I have too much clothes. I should be spending time doing what I love, painting. Be it random colors or gradients or really getting down to completing something.. I just want to keep painting.

Yep, I'm feeling the energy and inspired. Let's just hope it stays that way! xx

Thursday, February 14

Monday, February 11

First of the lunar calendar

Here's what I wore on the first day of Chinese New Year:
Red dress from H&M
Crystal cuff from Swarovski
I did my own crown and French twist braid :)