Friday, February 14

Bleak and I need distractions

And if you're ever
Feeling lonely
Just look at the moon

Is looking right at it too.


Don't you get those rare times when you just want to be alone? Perhaps it's that day for me, even though it's Valentine's. All I want to do is re-watch my favorite tv series and eat lots of chocolate. Perhaps even have some unmentionables. I started the day too early and with too much emotions. I refuse to crumble but it aches. Someone told me to keep busy and time will pass in no time. How do I keep busy then? My thoughts are always.. there. It'll always go back to that thought that's lurking right behind.
Everyone says they understand, but just how much do you think you understand? Can you feel exactly what I'm feeling? Can you help me get out of my thoughts? No, you can't. Let me deal with myself the way I know I can. Personal space, I need my personal space. So what if I took a little time off? The world still spins. No one's gonna get harm from it.
I'm too bleak right now.
Let's talk about clothes and other pretty things instead, I need distractions.
Inspirations, I need inspirations!



I feel the need to revamp myself. New hair maybe, couple of wardrobe changes? Hmm, wonder what I'm gonna do with my unwanted clothes..

I really want pastel hair and my white ink.

Well, here's a throwback to better days when I was out and about during the late nights and early mornings.
Top from Persunmall
Knit tights from H&M

Get your top here for $13.99:

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  1. Great post dear...beautiful pics...Happy Valentine's day to you...:-)

  2. Happy Valentine's day to you!!!!

  3. love the outfit in the first photo!!! don't be bleak- hope you have a happy vday!!


    1. trying to be :) i've got a few hours left for the day but I'm so tired i think I'm gonna pass out

  4. Hope everything will be ok soon.
    Great inspo :)

  5. Hi dear, what a wonderful blog!!
    What about following each others? I'm already following you ;-)
    In The Checkout Line - Fashion Blog
    Facebook Fanpage

  6. I always love your photography,nice recap
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  7. Hope you'll have a better weekend, try to enjoy it, grab a friend and go out for lunch with her, go for some shopping, or visit an art gallery or a museum. :)
    Take care,
    Xoxo, Victoria

    1. i feel a lot better now :) i blame it all on the lack of rest! thank you tho :)

  8. I love your blouse!


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