Thursday, August 28


Hey lovelies, I was recently approached to do the #MyCosmoStyle (Las Vegas edition) blog challenge and here are my mood boards/outfit takes for it! Ugh, it's added to my bucket list to stroll along and spend some happy times at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas now. I mean, I do have friends studying in Vegas but it's just so far! Check and get everything Vegas at btw!

Here's a link to their Cosmopolitan Hotel for that spontaneous trip to Vegas.

Anyways, imaginary Annick at Vegas would definitely wear these..

Brunch at Wicked Spoon

River Island high neck crop top
185 HKD -

Object Collectors Item black pants
1,635 HKD -

Green purse
470 HKD -

Boohoo cuff bracelet
93 HKD -

Sole Society gold band bracelet
155 HKD -

MARC BY MARC JACOBS stud earrings
515 HKD -

Rag bone wide brim hat
1,510 HKD -


Lunch at Jaleo

Zip crop top
3,060 HKD -

Emilio Pucci high waisted skirt
5,550 HKD -

Yves Saint Laurent heeled sandals
6,160 HKD -

Forever New wallet
290 HKD -

River Island harness jewelry
90 HKD -


Nightout at the Marquee

Skater dress
1,285 HKD -

Alexander McQueen heeled sandals
9,535 HKD -

Red necklace
110 HKD -

Gold chain necklace
77 HKD -

1,745 HKD -

Hope you lovelies get inspired!

Tuesday, August 26

Obsessions lately

Less than 5 days till I'm back in the cold.

Ah yes.. with sick days, comes a lot of time spent on the iPhone and mac. My current obsessions as of lately consist of a few iPhone apps and searching for new layering ideas for when I get back to the horrid cold :(
Yeah I'm in love with ripped jeans.


Okay, I recently came across this amazing app called Gilt (click here to download). Basically if you love branded/luxurious items but wishes they were cheaper, then you've been given a miracle because this is what it is. And no I'm not being paid to do this (I fucking wish), I'm simply sharing it to you oh-so-lovely people about my amazing find! The crazy sales can go up to as high as 75% buuuuuuut every sale only last for a few days and the whole collection disappears! It's like a flash sale but instead of the sale disappearing, the item disappears too! And yes, I've already got myself something nice at an amazing price :D (happy Annick is happy)!

I've been going back to Gilt almost every other hour cause there's always new things coming up. Another plus is that they have a whole home section (which totally fuels my insane obsession with decorating my new place in the UK, hehe).

Oh and I got something something nice for the boyf too :) I can't ask for a better, more supportive sillybum. I love you!

Alright, I'm gonna end my post here tonight because I'm going back to Gilt to look for some new jewelry (the boyf said he'd buy me something! Yes, I'm lucky I know! Oh he loves the app too!!). So till I write again x

Sunday, August 24


Hey lovelies.. surprise, surprise I'm extremely sick :( Fever went up to 38.5degree Celcius last night and I'm still felling terribly ill right now. I haven't been doing much except for some sketching, playing with the twins, packing and searching for furniture/interior ideas for my new place back in the UK. Just a week to go till I leave now.

Btw, I think my new hobby is to aimlessly shop online lol. I just like looking at new things or trends or adding things to my ever-growing wish list. 

This is what I doodled the other night. Found a couple of canvases that I'm gonna use when I get back to mine so I'm still refining things..
… and no, I'm not just gonna paint an antler lol.
Looked through my old paintings too and decided to bring it with me (it's more of an OCD thing where my things have to stay together. Like I can't just bring one and leave the others.. no I just can't.)
One of the little twinsies' hand! They're both seriously adorable and I love them to little bits ♥ oh they've also started kindergarten now (poor babies) and it's kinda going alright (still cries before heading to school). I'm gonna miss them. So. Freaking. Much.
I'm not feeling too well right now so I'm ending my post with pictures of really yummy cakes I had the other day (probably a week ago).. Onto more aimless online shopping x

Sunday, August 17

White / Ripped

Back and finally writing about previous OOTDs posted on my Instagram. These were before the boyf left back to the UK so yea.. it has been awhile. Apologies but just couldn't find the time to blog when I'm back in Hong Kong (too many fam plans/outings).

Anyway,I want to say thank you to all you lovelies for the encouraging words and support in my previous post when I wasn't feeling like myself. I really appreciate the few seconds of effort (of typing) for you to tell me to stay strong and cheer up. Thank you guys!

So here's the OOTD:
Chevron lace crop top from Bershka
Ripped jeans from Something Borrowed
Bag from FCUK
Totoro case from somewhere in MK
Hat from H&M
Oh, me and the boyf went to Macau for a night to see Nitro Circus sometime during the last week of his stay here. They were absolutely incredible! All the amazing stunts left me speechless.. enjoyed myself so much!

Mm I'm missing the boyf right now. I might post up vids from Nitro Circus in my next post and I'll definitely blog about Ocean Park soon :) stay tuned everyone!


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Thursday, August 14

Need positivity / Help

I haven't been the best lately. I've disappointed myself and I've upset a lot of people. Summer has yet again.. became terrible. I'm sorry baby. I wish I could take it all back.

Since I got back, as you lovelies know, I've struggle with my appearance. I hated myself and how I looked. It gave me really bad mood swings and really little body confidence. I'm hurting myself and I wish I had my good thoughts again. I'm tiring myself out worrying about my looks. I'm hurting and I need help because I don't know how to stop criticizing and hating myself.

My worst, worst thoughts came and hit me like a tidal wave. I'm struggling so much on the inside cause I'm so disappointed in myself. There's so much hate and resentment, I wish I could bury my head on the pillow and never wake up. I always had issues and I've always fought it. It disappeared for a long while but with everything.. it's coming back. I want to cut and hurt myself physically. I want to starve. I want to be thin. I want to be me again. I want to say I'm sorry baby. I'm really sorry.

I'm trying to be better. I will try to be better.
I'll come back and post happy things again cause I need positivity right now. I'll be focusing on the twins and working on myself again but I need support. I'll write again soon, brb x

Spamming my own post with gentle, good encouragements to me and to anyone who needs it.


Edits: I wish I was prettier, taller, smarter and more talented but I'm just boring little-me. Now, even the boring little-me has gone a little haywire :/ I want to sleep and never be awaken so I could live in my dreams. Reality hurts me and I hurt reality.. I need to paint again. Or write more of my thoughts down. I really want to paint right now and not feel but concentrate on the lines that I'm creating. *sigh* I need to fix myself and get better soon..

How could I feel lonely when I'm in a room full of people?

PS: Sorry for this gloomy post guys

Thursday, August 7

Little Insta stories

Hiya lovelies! So the boyf is leaving back to the UK in a few days.. the weather's been really bipolar recently so everything kinda sucks. The only good thing from this week is that I've been really active on Instagram.. I swear there are far too many picture for me to post but there's this hidden rule that you can't bombard your IG with multiple photos in one go (ugh). Lots of throwback pictures coming soon I suppose. Been having ups and downs with my moods lately. Also, the ever recurring bad thoughts that I'm far too fat for my own good (sigh).

Woke up today with one of those feelings again. That everything's wrong with me and nothing feels right at all. Feeling incredibly dizzy right now as I write this hence I'm also sipping an extra sweet cup of Milo.

Oh well.. here's pictures that I've posted on IG so far.. along with its little stories. 

 This was taken at Central/Mid-levels. I love concrete jungles.. I've made up my mind a long time ago that I'm definitely a city person. Also in love with the stark contrast of the new and old in the above picture. 
Found this in PMQ on the same day of the first picture. As soon as I saw this.. I knew it was Instagram-worthy haha.
Oh the joys of working as a photographer (helping with aunt's exhibition in HKCEC) and the downside that my hands absolutely freaking ache from holding the camera in weird positions the entire day. And being on my feet for over 10hours sucks. But it was fun, I suppose?
Boyf bought me a Haagen Dazs danish cone while we were in Stanley the other day. Can't complain :P 
Dinner with the fam at The Peak Lookout couple of days back consisted of really amazing (but heavy) food. Oysters, clams, crabs, prawns, steak and cocktails galore.. 
Fav mango pudding, mango pancake and mango milk at Honeymoon Dessert in Langham yesterday with the boyf and Michelle. Yup, mango everything yeah!
Adoring 3CE's nail polish and it's cute packaging. 
 Yesterday's shopping haul at Bershka and Pull n Bear. Mostly courtesy of the boyf. Yeah I'm a lucky girl, I know.
Tried on the other shade of nail polish I bought from 3CE and I'm loving it. Dark colors ftw.


Crop top from H&M
Skirt from Cecil McBee
Bag from FCUK

And last but not least..
Happy 8 months together sillybum