Saturday, September 27

Shop my closet?

Hey lovelies.. I'm writing from the bed with a terrible migraine but an idea have been toying in my mind for some time and I wanted to know what you guys think about it. So everyone knows I buy a lot of my clothes online due to my petite frame and with that, sometimes my clothes arrive just a little too big for me but I still decide to keep em cause screw returning process (silly I know).

If I set up a section on my blog for you lovelies to shop my closet, (items would consist of only brand new clothes I promise - it would only be worn for a photo at most) would any one of you be interested in buying?

I'm not really looking for a profit but just to have these new clothes be worn by someone AKA getting rid of it from my closet. Thoughts anyone?


Anyways, did my nails last night with my fav OPI Russian Navy.

Friday, September 26

My type of inspo / Cold

Once again, I am unprepared for the coming wintery days. I mean, I've got lots of clothes to keep me warm but nothing that would look nice in the dead of winter. Ugh, I absolutely hate layering! (yea I love warm days where sheer tops and shorts, is it). Finding inspirations to keep my sense going.. I need a shopping trip soon.

Oh, freshers are coming up next week. So I'll be partying away for sure :) Follow me on Instagram @annicknickky to see what fun (I hope) I'm up to you then. Right now tho, my instagram is really boring. Like it's literally dead. Sigh.

Yes I'm not a big fan of prints.
I'm the basic/neutral kind of girl.

Tuesday, September 23

Wish it were warmer

So the past week hasn't been easy. Between worrying about some things to being distressed by the constant mess in the house.. I'm literally on the brink of suffocation. My OCD is actually driving me nuts, I'm constantly upset about how messy and dirty everything is in the house and that leads to me washing/cleaning every single thing. Sigh. I'm gonna want to kill myself at some point.

Sigh. I've been trying so hard to look for clinics/hospitals/anyfucking place that does Cervarix and being given a negative response every time I make a call is absolutely killing. I've spent so many days crying about this that I don't know who to turn to anymore. If any one of you lovelies who's in the UK knows where to get Cervarix, please.. please let me know.

Hmm.. it's getting much colder these days. Everything annoys me cause of the cold. Ugh. I'm beginning to feel like I'm losing it again. The only up side of the week has probably been seeing Fristi and my brother in Manchester. Oh and having my brother over at mine has been so great too. Everything else pretty much sucks.
I wish for better days to come :/

Wednesday, September 17

Week's summary

Hey everyone, so guess what. Since I've got to my new place, I haven't actually been out of house for two weeks. There's the occasional walking-down-the road to get milk or bread but really.. I haven't left. I even got all my groceries delivered to me a few days ago haha.

My self-imposed house arrest have got me started on a little project of collecting glass bottles/jars and painting em. I don't know what I'm gonna do with them but right now it's just like a little hobby. I'm also gonna paint a few canvases (if I could motivate myself to do it). One of the hardest things about painting is finding the motivation and inspiration :/

Anyway, I received more of my makeup in the mail today! It's the items that was on this post if you wanna know. And along with that, I also received my first graze box! I've recently gotten myself obsessed with monthly beauty boxes/food boxes for no apparent reason. Here's a pic of one of the things I got in the mail :)

Visit if you'd like to know more but basically in short, they send you a box of healthy snacks every two weeks (you can change this setting) for only £3.99. The first box you buy is usually half price but since I'm nice and all (HA).. I'VE GOT A CODE FOR YOU LOVELIES!
Enter ANNICK8HB to receive the first, fifth and tenth box for free :)
You can cancel anytime you like after you sign up for it so don't worry about having to pay if you don't like the box after your first free one.

Oh and I've been playing so much GTA V I'm actually thinking in GTA mode all the time haha. Playing online is quite nice but frustrating mostly cause you get the most annoying people screaming their heads off into the microphone or killing you for no reason. Ah well..

Till I write again x

Friday, September 12

I have this thing..

A little over 3 weeks to go till classes start again.

So I can't stop humming The Veldt by DeadMau5 these past few days. I've always been such a huge fan of DeadMau5 because I'm cool like that (yes I am haha). Anyway, I've been watching loads of CSI episodes too cause thats what me and the boyf do when we eat our dinner. On a completely irrelevant note.. I really want to shop! Okay fine, it probably is relevant cause I haven't been doing much  round the house and I like shopping as much as I like my phone so there you go.

During these few days of #NYFW, my Instagram have been filled with unbelievably beautiful pictures of it. It only adds to my already-existing craving for clothes and I guess I'm back to being obsessed with dresses (yes, I know I'm meant to learn how to stay warm during the colder season but ugh!).

So instead of going to my usual go-to online stores, I went to check out cause they specialize in dresses. And I'm gonna show you my few fav items cause I'm nice like that (it's cause I'm bored, really).
The site offers prom dresses, evening dresses, formal dresses, cocktail dresses, bridesmaid dresses and more with up to 85% sale now (ends in two days). So if any of you lovelies are in need/looking for short or long dresses for some occasion.. I'd recommend for you to at least check it out :) it doesn't hurt to just browse around, does it? I'm definitely have my eyes on the white dress right now..

Out of the three dresses, which one is your fav? Let me know in the comments! Okay, that's it for now guys. Am off to make some food cause I'm starving x

Wednesday, September 10

Oh Autumn

So the British weather is getting colder by the minute.. guess Summer is definitely over on this side of the world! That means that it's time for me to figure out how exactly I'll stay warm during this season (sigh - and hopefully still look sorta rad). Yes I've finally settled into my new place and have started painting again but I am shopping online as usual, typical isn't it? I mean, Fall is moving in fast over here..

But surprise, surprise. I haven't bought anything since I got back to the UK. I've been itching for a few things and thought I'd show you here. This time though, it's all beauty products! I need to get my hands on these. I don't ever wear heavy makeup except on the eyes and lately I've been obsessing over lipsticks too. But only matte lipsticks.

Here's my top five obsession/need for this Fall. 
Autumn wants

All this can be found on and I'll probably get it (sometime soon I suppose?). See, there's this site called and it's a marketplace to find and sell discounted gift cards! What it means is that you'd get more credits than you're buying cause the gift card is being sold cheaper to you. Like, I'd be paying $80 for my gift card that's worth $100. That's a steal!

Oh and it's the one and only place for you to sell your unwanted (birthday) gift cards for when you'd rather have some spare cash instead :P

Here are the direct links for you lovely readers for! Go check it out :)

..And I'm off to get myself something nice. Oh and my Rebecca Minkoff bag arrived after I got it from Gilt hehe. Till I post again x

Monday, September 8

Hi +44

Hey everyone! I've been back in the United Kingdom for about a week now and I have been so busy unpacking. Moving all my things from my brother's over in Manchester to Warrington is pretty shit. It seems like I have a lot of things but I really don't! Anyway, I'm pretty content that I've unpacked and organized everything.. all that's left for the room is for me to complete my paintings/decors and it's gonna be my home for two years :) (if I don't fail any of my year, that is).

Oh, I just got back from my short trip in London with the boyf, brother and Sophie. It was really tiring but all in all, a really good trip. Lots of good food and meeting up with people/sightseeing. Yes, there will be pictures in this post. We managed to go to Tate Modern, the National Art Gallery and then the boyf took me on to the London Eye!

And guess who we managed to see?
So happy to hear that he's doing well :)
Me and the boyf also celebrated our 9th month together in London :) and well.. I got him a Lucien Piccard watch.
Here's a selfie to end tonight's post!
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