Monday, January 27

Giveaway//Sorry not sorry

I'm apologizing yet again for not blogging as frequent as I said I would. Blame the weather, blame the assignments and most of all, blame all the romantic comedy movies I've been watching. Since the last time I've written, I've finished two other assignments for my media classes, had half a day out (disappointing really, wish I stayed longer) in Chester, went out 3 nights in a row, caught a cold and got upset. Oh and I've COMPLETED A PUB CRAWL IN MANCHESTER WITH MY BROTHER AND EVERYONE ELSE! I'm proud of myself for not puking my guts up or having to be carried home :)

And just like any other random post rants, I'm complaining about the gloomy weather yet again. Please just snow already!

Okay, random picture time..

You know what, I think I should be a photographer.. I mean I think I take pretty decent pictures using the iPhone. Er, how bout the term iPhotographer?

I received one slightly upsetting news from Richie over the week.. MY FAV SHISHA PLACE IN HK NO LONGER SELLS SHISHA! WTF TASTING ROOM.. GIVE ME MY SHISHA BACK! Now where am I supposed to hangout in Knutsford? :(


On the plus side, here's me saying thank you to you awesome readers for coming back even when I don't update.

Special thanks to Dressale for this (slightly overdue) collaboration.

Good luck! Giveaway ends day after Valentine's or if you don't know, its February 15th!

Sunday, January 12

It's all about layering

I'm one of those people who would prefer looking pretty than actually staying warm. Trust me, the amount of times I've gone out in this terrible cold in skirts or crop tops are pretty damn amazing. Last night though, when it was 1 degrees.. I was trembling so hard I actually told Tom to make me put on more clothes the next time I go out anywhere. I should really learn to bundle up and stay warm but ugh, I hate layering. I hate wearing an incredible amount of clothes that it makes you feel super fat but I guess I'll have to. Honestly by now, I'd rather it just snow instead of being annoyingly wet and slippery. 

Comfy/Warm (kinda?) clothes I want from PersunMall :)
USD$16.99 - Click here to view.
USD$31.99 - Click here to view.
USD$27.99 - Click here to view.
USD$37.99 - Click here to view it.
USD$18.99 - Click here to view it.
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USD$19.99 - Click here to view it.
USD$13.99 - Click here to view it.

Starting to love these items that I can layer over other things. AND I can re-wear them during the summer as well :) *sigh* not feeling too great now. The sucky weather/horrible gray skies really get to me at times. Oh on top of that, I've got 1 assignment due this week and 1 more the next.. Well, gonna go make some pancakes and chill out for a bit now. Till I write again x

Thursday, January 9


I ought to find more time to blog tbh. Post-holiday laziness is going on right now so I've been trying hard to drag myself to lectures. On a brighter note, my media paper got a 1 and I'm pretty damn proud. Been feeling a little down lately probably because of the gloomy weather. Why can't it just snow already! I want it to stop raining :( 

Mm.. went out last night on an impulse and managed to have a pretty good time with the boys! Aaaaaaand selfie time :D
Crop top from Next
Tights from H&M
Bomber jacket from Choies (thank you Choies for the birthday gift!)
Sequin-chain sling bag from FCUK

Get your bomber jacket here.


I am so happy that I'll be going to see Hardwell at the Warehouse Project on Jan 31st! SO BUZZZZZZZED! Yay!