Tuesday, October 28

Had the Monday blues

Hey lovelies, I've been so tired since Monday. Don't really know why but hey, it's mid-week now (sorta) and development week/holiday is coming up. That reminds me.. Halloween is in a couple of days and I still don't have my costume. Ugh. Why can't someone sell things in my size?! I was gonna go as a zombie version of Princess Peach cause my friends and I were gonna go as a group of Mario Kart. Guess I might have to be something else :( What are you lovelies going as? Let me know in the comments!

My backup costume idea is going as a deer.. don't ask me why.

Sunday, October 26

Weekend things

Hey lovelies! I'm back with yet another post :) So the boyf took me out to Liverpool yesterday for Malaysian/Thai food and I had the best time with him. He recently just got a job and will be starting tomorrow so yay (Yay for me being spoilt soon haha).

We went to a place called Chilli Pot.
I also bought a new coat from H&M cause it was on sale/in my size. Double yay for the day. Well it's Sunday right now, meaning the clocks go back an hour. Getting 25 hours (technically?) today then..

Alright, I'm gonna go indulge myself on a new game of Harvest Moon on the DS now.

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Friday, October 24


Don't ask me why I'm blogging so much these few days but yeah.. I have found my lost-love for penning down daily  thoughts. Okay, maybe I'm just really, really bored.

I'm in desperate need of some city-time and a load of retail therapy. I'm sick of being in this small place. I miss all the bright lights and cityscapes. I just miss seeing beautiful structures that a city has to offer I suppose.

But anyway, here's some autumn/winter/colder days' inspiration for everyone. All images taken from lookbook.nu

Thursday, October 23

Wasted outfits / days

I'm the type of person that would never waste a good outfit on a boring day. Don't get me wrong, I love dressing up but I don't see the need to wear my best outfit in class at a 9am lecture. Yes, there are days (many in fact) that I wander around wearing basic tops + black jeans + hoodie combo. In fact, I don't think I've showed up to more than 5 of my lectures in any nicer outfit or with makeup. I just don't see the point. But oh wait, if I lived in the city (like Manchester) then I probably would but no.. not here, not  now.

So I'm not feeling my best today. Didn't get much sleep last night and I had an early start this morning. Also feeling a little sickish. Here's a barefaced selfie.
I look tired. Ugh.

OH! I've pretty much finished redesigning my blog layout. What do you lovelies think? Here's a little nerdy story: I totally did all the photoshop & coding while I was playing monopoly. Way to go Annick.

Alright, I'm hungry now. Bye.

Wednesday, October 22

Sleepless nights

There are so many ideas and things running on my mind that I want to achieve. Most of em has to do with the blog of course. And where I want to be at in the future. Everyone knows Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella. As I was reading about her on Buzzfeed last night, I realised that I want to be able to achieve things like she does in her age. With all these thoughts, I kept myself awake till 4am. And then I woke up feeling slightly sick.

(Will be redesigning my blog layout slowly so watch out for that!)

It is a little too cold and a little too wet today. There's so much that I want to do but honestly, I lack motivation right now. Also, I'm in need of a new pair of boots and parka because my old ones are ruined..

And lately, I'm obsessing over silver hair! I'm seriously considering getting my ends silver. I wish I could get my whole head done but my mom will probably kill me haha.
It's so gorgeous, ugh.

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Sunday, October 19

Firmoo / YAY

I'm feeling so hyped up right now cause I'm listening to Deorro's TomorrowWorld 2014 set. I am so pumped out and inspired right now its unbelievable! But anyways, I'm here to talk about Firmoo glasses again! Seriously, I love em so much it's insane (blame Deorro's music perhaps but it's so pretty!).

And today was like the best day to take pictures outdoors :) Other than the pretty glasses I've received this time, I also received a much prettier casing for it! Firmoo glasses always come with a free hard and soft casing ♥ (that includes a cleaning cloth for the lenses).

Pictured below are my current happy things that I can't live without :)

 Ugh, I am absolutely loving this pink/brown shade! It's my current fav accessory at the moment cause I can pair it with anything. Tell me you don't love the colour of it..
Don't mind me.
(I am literally raving my head off in my room right now. What has gotten into me today?!)

Back to the topic, do you lovelies love my Firmoo glasses as much as I do? I've got something nice for you then! Head over to Firmoo.co.uk and you'd get your First Pair Free. Click HERE and you'll be redirected to the page. Happy shopping you guys!

I'm off jumping about in my room :D

Sunday, October 12


I don't know what's worse. My long, long Monday classes (11-7) or the fact that I'm constantly annoyed/upset at one thing or the other. A lot of my negative energy probably comes from me not being able to figure out a lot of things/perplexed when people don't have common sense or consideration for others. Or maybe it's just that I feel shit about myself. I've been upset so many times since the last time I blogged it's getting unbearable. I'm stressed out and restless. And I don't know how to make it better.

I've tried retail therapy (which usually works) and it didn't seem to do much. I got excited for a bit when my parcel finally came. Happily tried on my clothes from Nasty Gal and then, back to being annoyed at an empty thought. But hey, I guess at the very least I own a load of clothes from Nasty Gal now. They're probably my fav brand right now cause their items are just so cutting edge and different. It's a little bit pricey yes, but their quality is ah-mazing. And it also helps that their items come in size XXS. Here's a sneak peak at one of the printed items I bought. Yes, prints. Different huh?
Hmm, went out for a rave in Warehouse Project last night. Music was amazing as usual but I didn't have the best of time due to a few things in my head. But apart from that, loved the whole music set. Here's to adding Laidback Luke/Blasterjaxx/Chainsmokers/Thomas Gold/Tujamo/Sick Individuals to the list. Especially adored Chainsmokers set cause I knew every word of it.
..Well, I don't really know what to do right now. I'm bored and trying to get over the fact that I just cried. Feeling a little homesick cause of the little twins and definitely missing allllll the mango puddings..

Also, it's one of those rare days where I'm actually venting to my mom.

But yea, I miss being happy and stress-free.