Wednesday, November 18

Sorry for being so inconsistent but this is me taking time off to focus on my health and to catch up on life. Hopefully, I'll be back soon.

I've been hospitalised two weeks ago and have been recovering from it ever since. I'm currently awaiting test results and will be needing further scans to decide if I'll be undergoing surgery in the coming months. I'm just trying really hard to feel okay.

Monday, October 26


Three/Four weeks into classes and oh my god, I am already super stressed out about my dissertation. And hell, how is it Halloween this Saturday? I mean, that's another month done! Hmm, so last year I went as Princess Peach - though I only managed to get my costume together at the very last minute - and I have no idea what I'm going as this year. Perhaps the better question is, am I even going out at all this year? Honestly, I'm stressing out and all I wanna do is play video games. Also, HOW IS IT SO COLD IN OCTOBER?

- ok, rant over -

Allow me to introduce to you. Better yet, I'll show you their impressive site.
(click to enlarge)
Basically, they're a platform for designers to create and sell their own unique items on a commission basis / where you can buy original designs from the designers on their page. I feel like this is such a great site for artists to get themselves out there and perfect for when anyone wants a unique gift.

You can shop for women and men's clothing to home accessories on Styleart! Okay, honestly.. the designs that you get here is really.. different. AND I LOVE IT! I'll show you some of my fav canvas prints:
Link to item here.
Link to item here.
Link to item here.

I especially love Jack Rose's designs!

- ok, gonna go do some brainstorming ✋-

Friday, October 9

I've been cooking..

*this is not a sponsored post

I don't know where this has come from.. but I love cooking my own food! Ever since I could remember, my mom has always made me help out in the kitchen and watch/learn whilst being in the kitchen but I have always despised it. Always. I really hated it. But apparently being in the university and living with the a bunch of other dudes in the house has changed that. I've learned how to make a lot of different asian dishes and I am super amazed at myself. I'm not kidding, ask any of my family members and they'll be shocked that I haven't given myself food poisoning. I never thought I could survive this long when I have to fend for myself haha. So go me!

My brother told me about Gousto like months ago - before summer so yeah. I've only just tried it this week and woah. I loved both of the recipes that I tried and here I am, proudly showcasing my recently discovered culinary skills.

I made the pork noodles a few days back and I just had the rosemary lamb meatballs.
My boyfriend loved it and so did I!

Basically, you pick out at least two recipes from Gousto, pay and they'll deliver farm-fresh groceries directly to your door. The delivery will include exact measurements of every ingredient needed for the recipe that you have chosen - including honey, fresh herbs etc etc. I also received a Gousto tote bag, vouchers and some wool (that came with the meat - it was used to ensure that the meat were chilled).

If you're in the UK and would like to try, I have a friend code for you! Use ANNIC77668 for £20 off for you. It basically works out in the end as you paying £7.49 to try out the box that contains 4 meals/2 recipes for 2 portions each which is pretty damn good. Oh did I mention that it comes with picture guided instructions on how to make the recipes?

On a side note: Breezed past the first week of classes and guess what, I'm already feeling the stress of the impending doom - dissertation. Ugh.
Have a great weekend everyone x

Friday, October 2

Do you ever feel like you're not doing enough?

Hey guys, I suppose the title says it all for today's blog post. Perhaps it's just another one of those days where I feel extra useless and talentless but I've been having a lot of these thoughts lately. First of all, I've been back in the UK for a couple of weeks now. Third year classes starts next week so yay for that. I feel like I've taken enough time off of blogging and am looking forward to being busy again. This past summer has made me feel somewhat sad even though I have loved my absence from blogging. I actually really enjoyed appreciating every moment and just living in it but that has made me feel utterly useless. Like I'm not doing enough. Like I'm not doing more than I think I should. And today is just one of those extra stupid days where I feel even worse.

Honestly, I'm so scared about finishing uni. I don't feel like I can be an actual, working adult. I don't wanna grow up. I see everyone struggling so badly and that scares me. It's not like I don't know what I want to do but it's more like.. I am super scared of even trying. And on another note, my motion sickness has been pretty bad these few days. It doesn't help with my emotional state because I just feel so bad but I'm trying. The boyfriend has been great lately. Like OMG he made me the best bacon and cheese sandwich when I wasn't feeling great. I love you.

Oh freshers week has been okay - I feel too old sometimes - but okay. I went out a couple of times and it was pretty cool. Silent disco was the bomb.

Yeah, I totally didn't get the monochrome memo. I suppose I match Reiss's hair color?

Here's another.


I've been missing home a lot this time. I just can't stop missing the little twins and all the Asian food. I teared up over a drone-filmed video of Hong Kong the other day. The boyfriend called me cute but I was actually homesick and feeling a little shitty. I mean, the video was spectacular. Hong Kong is just so amazingly beautiful. Here's the video that made me cry:

It's really cold right now and I'm eating M&Ms, rewatching the video above. Aaaaaand I feel shittier. Again.

I just can't shake this feeling *referring to title*.

Okay, I'm heading back to watching The Voice. Till next time guys.

Tuesday, September 8

The real reason behind my blogging break

Less than 20 days and the summer holidays is officially over.

I am grateful for this summer and I am super grateful that I got to spend so much time with the little twinsies. I am really happy I took time off from my mac to focus on spending quality time with the family. I'm now excited to finish my final year in uni and to be back in the boyf's arms. I know I'll miss the little twins a lot because.. how could you not? They're my everything. I love how they come wake me up every morning. Who wouldn't want to wake up to two pairs of adorable tofu cheeks!

And this summer, I've been better. I've had a few bad days where I broke down in tears being terrifed of gaining weight due to all the extremely amazing food I've been having.. but I suppose, overall.. I've been okay. I've been a the gym, I haven't exactly been binging.. so I'm okay. I'm okay.

To be honest though, my health was the main motivation.. the main drive behind this blogging/technology break. A few weeks prior to the start of my summer, I found a lump on the right of my chest. I mean, this wouldn't be the first time as I've previously had surgery to remove something similar but it got me worried. It reminded me that life is really fragile and that anything could happen. I'm scheduled for a few check ups here and there when I'm back in the UK so hopefully everything turns out okay. Please let it be benign just as before. Please.


So you see, I'm trying to stay calm and happy. I can't start being afraid of life and worrying myself away. It was a great decision from me to spend as much time as I can with the twins because their joy is so pure and so innocent. I envy them and I suppose this is my way of experiencing such carefree joy again. Seeing the world from their eyes and experiencing things from their perspective. Though I feel like I've missed out on some stuff, I have loved spending every minute with them and I feel really grateful.

Hong Kong is such a gem goddamn it. I'm gonna miss staring at the sunsets and at all my favourite tall buildings.. but I suppose, I miss seeing British architecture too. Ugh.

Soon, I'll be back with more soon. Just let me enjoy the last three weeks here with my little twinsies and I'll be back with more regular updates and stuff. Also, who else is super excited about Instagram's new update?!

Sidenote: missing my Sims binge. Need one ASAP.

Wednesday, September 2

Current wardrobe obsession

I'm finally back with an update of my current styling obsession! YAY! I'm letting you guys in on what does it for me cause I know everyone wants to look and feel good (duh!).

Okay, it's no secret that we all like to dress/gather inspiration from the runways, models or favourite celebrities.. with my summer coming to an end soon, I'm holding on to the tiny bit of summery vibe left and going crazy for a few of these trends that I see everywhere.

Long and lean -
When it comes to hemlines, think long and lean. Lose the tights to feel that breeze around your ankles and instead go with the long skirt or dress for the day. The lighter, breezier and less constricting outfit choice can be amped up by working in great colour schemes or patterns. But if you're super tiny like me, you can shorten the length up a bit to further accentuate your legs, hips, and create a lean figure.

Floral touches -
Floral for Autumn?! Um yeah, it's working for me because I wear black on an almost daily basis. A bit of a floral touch here and there helps create an accent colour and offers a fresh look to any outfit. The best choice for floral prints are dresses but since it's basically Autumn now.. a floral skirt paired with a solid top works perfectly well. In fact, I recently just bought a floral skirt! But it's in.. black.

Bare your feet -
Forego the closed toe shoes and work with a light sandal instead. With many gladiator styles taking over the runway, you can dress them up or down with any outfit. With the many high and low heel options, various colours and many designs popping up in the world of gladiator sandals, you can make them work with nearly any outfit - casual or dressy.

It isn't too difficult to get clothes with some of these things in mind because.. hello online shopping! Don't know where to start? Check out some of the UK's top home shopping catalogues for the latest fashion trends and styles from well-known celebrities.

(all pictures taken form

Tuesday, July 21


Sorry guys my Mac has been a pain in the ass after a software update and basically refused to work. Mac updates suck but I think I fixed it now - at least I hope so. Oh and I'm back in the 852 right now :) I'm horribly jet lagged tho.. mainly because I couldn't sleep during the flight. I have so much to write about! From my mom coming to the UK, to my brother's graduation to me coming back to HK and all the great food I had in between. So I'll probably take a little while to write this post. And OMG the twins! Coming back to the twins have been one of the best things ever. They're both super duper adorable, sassy and plain cute the only downside is that it's so horribly humid..


13th July
Travelled to London in the morning, checked into a hotel and went to Drink, Shop & Do near King's Cross station with the bro before getting my mom. Had coffee, cake and played battleship! It's such a cute shop with lots of vintage decor. Also, it's safe to say that my brother is pretty bad/unlucky when it comes board games LOL.

My mom's flight was delayed so it took forever for us to get back to the hotel. Had takeout - kebab - as supper and we called it a day. Oh and my mom hated the room we were in so we upgraded the room the next morning.

I'm about to shower and head out for food so.. to be continued x

Monday, July 6

A little break

I have had an insane/tiring couple of weeks since I last blogged. I have successfully moved houses and almost completely unpacked into the new place. But next up, is a trip down London with the brother and my mommy. So it's yet another episode of me packing/unpacking.. not to mention that I'm leaving directly after this trip back to Hong Kong from Manchester!

So lately I've been spending a lot of my time doing things that makes me happy. Like obsessively playing GTA V, binge watching RuPaul's Drag Race (OMG MY NEW FAVE SHOW! And I love you Raja!) and creating random ass families on my Sims 4. I have finally relaxed and slipped into my summer mode. Yay.

I am torn between being super excited to get my ass back to HK so I can spend all of my time with the little twins and being sad that I'll be apart from the boyf. I know it's not long till I get to see him but going from seeing his annoying face on a daily basis to nothing at all is gonna upset me. But *breathes* I'll be okay. I'll refocus all my attention to all the mango puddings waiting for me and babysitting the twins. I mean look at these two cuties 

On another note, here's wishing a very big happy 19 months to my baby! You have been an amazing (but sometimes super stupid) boyfriend and I love, love, love you. You're the second best thing after me (duh!) Cannot wait for all the fun we'll have with Winterburn and Nath in the house next year! Here's us being cute whilst on the train to London from Reading..


And onto another topic, I have realised why I haven't been as into blogging as I used to. I actually read a post by Singaporean blogger Yutakis on his announcement to become a full time blogger where he highlights a few things about today's bloggers - I'm just gonna resummarize a few things from his post that I nodded my head in agreement with.

1. The rise of the 'Instagram' babes/bloggers
2. Bloggers today hire out help (e.g. professional photographers etc)

Okay, I am a big fan of using Instagram but the rise in all these Instagram stars have basically killed the journalistic side of the blogging industry. Mainly because a lot of people mix the two together. Posting a pretty outfit on Instagram and getting hundreds of likes does not equal to writing your own thoughts or ideas down. It does not make you a blogger. Period. Being a loyal fan of many blogs/bloggers - I have seen the switch from writing to basically pure photography. I'm sorry but I just lose respect and interest in a blog when this happens. I mean, yeah it's nice to browse through beautiful pictures but you can't really call yourself a blogger anymore when all you do is take pictures and post them. Blogging is all about content writing.

I admit, at one point I lost myself in that too but I thought I was doing it to 'keep up with the times' and then I realised, that once I started doing that.. I have completely fell out of interest with my blog. For those of you who's been reading my blog for forever - I thank you - and you can really see that it was quite obvious. When I stopped writing content, I stopped enjoying being a blogger. Because that's not being a blogger. A blogger, blogs. They write. For me, my blog has always been for words. Not pictures. And I have completely forgotten about that. So after taking so much time off I feel like I have finally had a breakthrough.

I'm going back to writing lengthy post. Minimal pictures.. lots and lots of words.

I still love some of the fashion blogs out there that specifically does what I just described (don't get me wrong). I'm just really despising people who thinks being an Instagram star is equal to being a blogger. And that feeds into point number two. Being a blogger.. well, I don't really know how to describe this but being a blogger is being you. Y'know, being your own writer, content creator, editor and etc etc. BUT unfortunately, I have seen more and more blogs hiring out help. Whether it's for videographers, content contributors or creative assistants.. it's crazy! I have personally received a few emails of similar subject so I am quite surprised that bloggers today are willing to hire out help for their own blogs. Umm, what?

And with all that, being a quarter-time blogger (ha).. it's a lot of pressure to have a blog that looks good. Visually and all. So at some point in my second year.. I think I gave up because juggling uni, my own health, maintaining a somewhat decent social life is just a bit too crazy. And I can't even promise that I can do better next year because hello dissertation. Honestly, it's fucking hard work doing two majors.

*breathes* So glad I got all that out of my chest. Well.. back to Sims 4. Peace out.

Friday, June 19

To new beginnings

I am officially done with second year! I'm so glad its over cause it's been hard. Not necessarily with classes or assignments but just dealing with general assholes - this has really stressed me out. But anyways, I'm looking forward to moving into the new place with the boyf, Nath and Winterburn soon. Yay for that cause I can't wait for the trip to ikea! I handed in my very last report two days ago and I basically decided to pack away all my books and stationeries as some form of closure. Does anyone else do that?

Well I also wanted to show you guys one of the many things I've created during my time in placement with I sourced for images on Tumblr/Flickr and was part of the daily inspirations/mood boards I came up with :) I'd love to hear what you guys think about my digital work! Please leave a comment below.

I'm basically spending the whole day in bed today because I just feel really anxious and frustrated but I can't quite put my finger on what so.. I've just watched 4 episodes of MTV catfish and played for what seems like forever.

Oh well, I'm embracing the sloth life!

Wednesday, June 10


Asos bodysuit
Cath Kidson iPhone case
Skirt from Japan
Nike trainers

Thursday, June 4

Reading trip!

Since getting back from Reading last weekend, I've been insanely busy with my placement. So long story short, it was an amazing trip. We both spent a lot of time with his family and we managed a day out in London, even meeting up with Max. I took lots of picture so here it is!

What started out as perfect weather..
.. became shit.
(I had to visit Chinatown seeing how I've never been)

Went to Windsor Castle on Sunday with the boyf and his family. It was enormous and hauntingly beautiful but because of the long ass queue, we didn't go for the tour.
And yeah, I totally utilised my fisheye lens whenever I can. It's the best thing ever for my short arms/getting everyone in the picture. Tbh, I'm hastily writing this post because all I can think about is food right now so apologies everyone :P

I'm halfway through my placement now and so far, it's been so much fun but so, so tiring cause I have to commute on the train every day. But yeah, everything is good. Stay tuned 

Sunday, May 31

Spaces spaces

As someone who spends 80% of her time on her Mac, I thought I'd show you guys my space. Besides my bed, this is where I spend most of my time at. I mean.. I work here, I blog here, I sometimes even eat here. This is the definite Annick zone. I try to make it as homely as possible but being in a student house (and on a budget) and all.. it is not easy.
My favorite thing about my space is probably all the pictures I have on the wall (there's a lot more pictures that isn't pictured in this picture. LOL that was a mouthful)

Okay, I'll be honest that this seem like a really random post but this is actually inspired from WeWork. WeWork is a really interesting concept.. they are a coworking company that provides shared offices spaces! Oh if you want to know about WeWorks' available locations, visit their page. C'mon now, tell me that isn't cool. Its different = it's cool. Right?!

Anyways, what they do is that they offer really unique office spaces. If you're just really curious on how everything works, here's their FAQ page - cause it would be confusing if I tried to explain. WeWork is definitely one of its kind and I am amazed at how cool their interior looks (besides being amazed at the idea of co-sharing an office space).

In my opinion I think this is such a great alternative especially for small/growing companies. Honestly, I am so loving this idea that if you're a company of one, you could still go ahead with getting yourself a mega cool office space/desk. So. Freaking. Cool. For instance, if you're self employed and really wants to just separate work from home, *bam* there's WeWork offering this service. 

So yeah, I wish my little space was as cool as that. Perhaps I aspire to rent a little space of mine one day and do my own thang haha.

Tuesday, May 19


Ate at Steak & Lobster in Manchester with the boyf last weekend. The food is unbelievable and so is the service. I mean, the steak or the lobster cost £18 each with unlimited fries and salad. Ah OMG I want it again.

Oh, on another note.. I started on a 30 day fitness challenge from and I'm currently on day 5 today. My abs are showing and I can feel my core getting stronger by the day. && me and the boyf are going to Reading/London this Friday cause its the bank holiday weekend! We get to eat good food, hangout with his family and see Max again yay.

And I'm also obsessed with the new set of lens that I got for £8 on Amazon. Here's a picture of me with the boyf being all cutesy. Next time I write, it'll be all about Reading x

Would love it if you guys could follow me on Instagram (@annicknickky) too! 

Thursday, May 14

Spring/Summer inspo

Anyone else enjoying the fact that I have been posting so much so far? I know I am.