Monday, January 26

Time for a Giveaway!

The new month is coming up oh-so-soon and so here's a giveaway. This is also my very first one that's coming out of my own personal pocket so please show me some support and join below!


On another note, I spent my weekend over at my brother's with the boyf and had loads of fun. But it's Monday now and my happy bubble is burst due to the fact that I've got an assignment due in a week (ugh) and I'm really tired.

And yes, this is international :)

Tuesday, January 20

I decluttered!

I basically spent the entire day decluttering/redesigning my blog layout (as you can see now, duh). So what do you guys think? OH I had a really proud/happy moment today when I checked my assignment grades because guess what! I scored an 84 for one of my assignments and I've been told that it's the highest scoring grade for any second year so far so.. I'm just so damn proud!

On another note though.. I've been obsessing over shoes lately. A couple of weeks ago it was makeup and now well, it's back to shoes haha. But I know very well I'm not gonna purchase anything, at least not anytime soon cause I'm doing a little experiment to see how long I can go without shopping and I've been doing good so far. That doesn't mean I can't look at amazing shoes tho..

All these can be found on I came across this site as I was trying to look for another store other than NastyGal and something that's based in the UK for easy delivery. I haven't bought anything from this site (yet) but I think the price is pretty decent.

And btw, I went ahead and made this little blog of mine a Facebook page (it's part of the whole redesigning process..) so if you guys can be a gem and like my new page I would very much appreciate it! And I promise I will express my gratitude by saying thank you!
And a sidenote to who asked a super quick question: My little secret on my hair care routine is adding a few drops of tea tree oil to my daily shampoo. It honestly makes a huge difference!

Monday, January 19

Bad dishes

Perhaps it's my unlucky week. Got my Origin account hacked and then finding out that some people in my life are pretentious/inconsiderate af. And I thought they were friends. I could rant on and on but I really need to calm down. It's never nice finding out the truth about some friendship.. and I'm sure everyone has had their fair share of disappointment. This post is therefore to us, the ones who actually values friendship.

Throwback to last Wednesday's silent disco outfit. I'm dressed in top to toe NastyGal *insert victory sign*
And here's a bad quality picture of me taken with Photo Booth with poorly Photoshopped background because I can't be bothered.
Btw, you guys are the best! Go follow me on IG (@annicknickky) if you're bored x

Sunday, January 11

Birchboxes / Days ahead

It's been awhile (yet again).. truth be told I don't really blog anymore because I have nothing to say. My life has become so uninteresting. And it's been hard for me to accept that. Everyone knows that I'm such a city girl, always on the go. I love dressing up, going out, exploring places but here I am. I'm stuck in this constant cycle of not doing anything. Everyone here is so different than what I'm used to. There's nothing I can say to change anything because I know it won't. No one's gonna take the initiative to do anything and there really isn't anything around to do either. It's not that I can't be alone doing things by myself cause I have done that for an entire gap year but I am just so sick of being.. well, here. Everything bores me. I have recently succumbed to binge watching tv series on Netflix (it's not a bad thing but ugh).

I just got out of a three way conversation with my best friends and honestly, it's like the most I've done so far that actually meant something. I used to think that I would have my blog, at the very least, to just write or to rant. But I'm beginning to question if I still do when I have nothing to talk about. I miss my friends and I miss having a busy life (assignments do not count). I thought I could paint sometime during this break but classes begin tomorrow and I haven't done anything that I wanted to. What has become of me.

This post really isn't written for anyone but for myself so if this bores, if my life bores you, I'm sorry. But hey, my boring life aside.. I received two Birchboxes courtesy of the boyf (this bit is for the readers I suppose).
 Totally wearing Models Own nail polish in Amethyst from December's box.

Things from December's box include the Benefit High Beam, English Laundry Signature For Her, Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Smoke, Electric Hair Electric Hydrate Shampoo, Elemental Herbology Facial Glow Radiance Peel and a Sophia Webster purse.
January's box was in partnership with Women's Health! The whole box just smells amazing *dies*.
Things from January's box include Shaveworks The Cool Fix, Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle (which smells aaaaaaamazing), ActiveBod Feel Great Shower Concentrate, REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, Embrace Matcha Green Tea, Stila Lip Gloss and not pictured, a Birchbox Pilates Band.

And that's the end of my really boring holiday. Now excuse me while I go kill myself out of boredom. Did I mention classes begin tomorrow? UGH FUCK THIS NEVERENDING BOREDOM.