Monday, October 26


Three/Four weeks into classes and oh my god, I am already super stressed out about my dissertation. And hell, how is it Halloween this Saturday? I mean, that's another month done! Hmm, so last year I went as Princess Peach - though I only managed to get my costume together at the very last minute - and I have no idea what I'm going as this year. Perhaps the better question is, am I even going out at all this year? Honestly, I'm stressing out and all I wanna do is play video games. Also, HOW IS IT SO COLD IN OCTOBER?

- ok, rant over -

Allow me to introduce to you. Better yet, I'll show you their impressive site.
(click to enlarge)
Basically, they're a platform for designers to create and sell their own unique items on a commission basis / where you can buy original designs from the designers on their page. I feel like this is such a great site for artists to get themselves out there and perfect for when anyone wants a unique gift.

You can shop for women and men's clothing to home accessories on Styleart! Okay, honestly.. the designs that you get here is really.. different. AND I LOVE IT! I'll show you some of my fav canvas prints:
Link to item here.
Link to item here.
Link to item here.

I especially love Jack Rose's designs!

- ok, gonna go do some brainstorming ✋-

Friday, October 9

I've been cooking..

*this is not a sponsored post

I don't know where this has come from.. but I love cooking my own food! Ever since I could remember, my mom has always made me help out in the kitchen and watch/learn whilst being in the kitchen but I have always despised it. Always. I really hated it. But apparently being in the university and living with the a bunch of other dudes in the house has changed that. I've learned how to make a lot of different asian dishes and I am super amazed at myself. I'm not kidding, ask any of my family members and they'll be shocked that I haven't given myself food poisoning. I never thought I could survive this long when I have to fend for myself haha. So go me!

My brother told me about Gousto like months ago - before summer so yeah. I've only just tried it this week and woah. I loved both of the recipes that I tried and here I am, proudly showcasing my recently discovered culinary skills.

I made the pork noodles a few days back and I just had the rosemary lamb meatballs.
My boyfriend loved it and so did I!

Basically, you pick out at least two recipes from Gousto, pay and they'll deliver farm-fresh groceries directly to your door. The delivery will include exact measurements of every ingredient needed for the recipe that you have chosen - including honey, fresh herbs etc etc. I also received a Gousto tote bag, vouchers and some wool (that came with the meat - it was used to ensure that the meat were chilled).

If you're in the UK and would like to try, I have a friend code for you! Use ANNIC77668 for £20 off for you. It basically works out in the end as you paying £7.49 to try out the box that contains 4 meals/2 recipes for 2 portions each which is pretty damn good. Oh did I mention that it comes with picture guided instructions on how to make the recipes?

On a side note: Breezed past the first week of classes and guess what, I'm already feeling the stress of the impending doom - dissertation. Ugh.
Have a great weekend everyone x

Friday, October 2

Do you ever feel like you're not doing enough?

Hey guys, I suppose the title says it all for today's blog post. Perhaps it's just another one of those days where I feel extra useless and talentless but I've been having a lot of these thoughts lately. First of all, I've been back in the UK for a couple of weeks now. Third year classes starts next week so yay for that. I feel like I've taken enough time off of blogging and am looking forward to being busy again. This past summer has made me feel somewhat sad even though I have loved my absence from blogging. I actually really enjoyed appreciating every moment and just living in it but that has made me feel utterly useless. Like I'm not doing enough. Like I'm not doing more than I think I should. And today is just one of those extra stupid days where I feel even worse.

Honestly, I'm so scared about finishing uni. I don't feel like I can be an actual, working adult. I don't wanna grow up. I see everyone struggling so badly and that scares me. It's not like I don't know what I want to do but it's more like.. I am super scared of even trying. And on another note, my motion sickness has been pretty bad these few days. It doesn't help with my emotional state because I just feel so bad but I'm trying. The boyfriend has been great lately. Like OMG he made me the best bacon and cheese sandwich when I wasn't feeling great. I love you.

Oh freshers week has been okay - I feel too old sometimes - but okay. I went out a couple of times and it was pretty cool. Silent disco was the bomb.

Yeah, I totally didn't get the monochrome memo. I suppose I match Reiss's hair color?

Here's another.


I've been missing home a lot this time. I just can't stop missing the little twins and all the Asian food. I teared up over a drone-filmed video of Hong Kong the other day. The boyfriend called me cute but I was actually homesick and feeling a little shitty. I mean, the video was spectacular. Hong Kong is just so amazingly beautiful. Here's the video that made me cry:

It's really cold right now and I'm eating M&Ms, rewatching the video above. Aaaaaand I feel shittier. Again.

I just can't shake this feeling *referring to title*.

Okay, I'm heading back to watching The Voice. Till next time guys.