Tuesday, September 8

The real reason behind my blogging break

Less than 20 days and the summer holidays is officially over.

I am grateful for this summer and I am super grateful that I got to spend so much time with the little twinsies. I am really happy I took time off from my mac to focus on spending quality time with the family. I'm now excited to finish my final year in uni and to be back in the boyf's arms. I know I'll miss the little twins a lot because.. how could you not? They're my everything. I love how they come wake me up every morning. Who wouldn't want to wake up to two pairs of adorable tofu cheeks!

And this summer, I've been better. I've had a few bad days where I broke down in tears being terrifed of gaining weight due to all the extremely amazing food I've been having.. but I suppose, overall.. I've been okay. I've been a the gym, I haven't exactly been binging.. so I'm okay. I'm okay.

To be honest though, my health was the main motivation.. the main drive behind this blogging/technology break. A few weeks prior to the start of my summer, I found a lump on the right of my chest. I mean, this wouldn't be the first time as I've previously had surgery to remove something similar but it got me worried. It reminded me that life is really fragile and that anything could happen. I'm scheduled for a few check ups here and there when I'm back in the UK so hopefully everything turns out okay. Please let it be benign just as before. Please.


So you see, I'm trying to stay calm and happy. I can't start being afraid of life and worrying myself away. It was a great decision from me to spend as much time as I can with the twins because their joy is so pure and so innocent. I envy them and I suppose this is my way of experiencing such carefree joy again. Seeing the world from their eyes and experiencing things from their perspective. Though I feel like I've missed out on some stuff, I have loved spending every minute with them and I feel really grateful.

Hong Kong is such a gem goddamn it. I'm gonna miss staring at the sunsets and at all my favourite tall buildings.. but I suppose, I miss seeing British architecture too. Ugh.

Soon, I'll be back with more soon. Just let me enjoy the last three weeks here with my little twinsies and I'll be back with more regular updates and stuff. Also, who else is super excited about Instagram's new update?!

Sidenote: missing my Sims binge. Need one ASAP.

Wednesday, September 2

Current wardrobe obsession

I'm finally back with an update of my current styling obsession! YAY! I'm letting you guys in on what does it for me cause I know everyone wants to look and feel good (duh!).

Okay, it's no secret that we all like to dress/gather inspiration from the runways, models or favourite celebrities.. with my summer coming to an end soon, I'm holding on to the tiny bit of summery vibe left and going crazy for a few of these trends that I see everywhere.

Long and lean -
When it comes to hemlines, think long and lean. Lose the tights to feel that breeze around your ankles and instead go with the long skirt or dress for the day. The lighter, breezier and less constricting outfit choice can be amped up by working in great colour schemes or patterns. But if you're super tiny like me, you can shorten the length up a bit to further accentuate your legs, hips, and create a lean figure.

Floral touches -
Floral for Autumn?! Um yeah, it's working for me because I wear black on an almost daily basis. A bit of a floral touch here and there helps create an accent colour and offers a fresh look to any outfit. The best choice for floral prints are dresses but since it's basically Autumn now.. a floral skirt paired with a solid top works perfectly well. In fact, I recently just bought a floral skirt! But it's in.. black.

Bare your feet -
Forego the closed toe shoes and work with a light sandal instead. With many gladiator styles taking over the runway, you can dress them up or down with any outfit. With the many high and low heel options, various colours and many designs popping up in the world of gladiator sandals, you can make them work with nearly any outfit - casual or dressy.

It isn't too difficult to get clothes with some of these things in mind because.. hello online shopping! Don't know where to start? Check out some of the UK's top home shopping catalogues for the latest fashion trends and styles from well-known celebrities.

(all pictures taken form cookbook.nu)